Serie A

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Serie A
Countries Belcity
ConfederationBelcity Football Federation
First season2020
Number of teams16
Levels on pyramid1
Relegation toSerie B
Domestic cup(s)Belcity Cup
International cup(s)UCMM European League
Current championsTBC
(1st season (2020))
Most championshipsTBC
Most capped playerTBC
Top goalscorerTBC
TV partners • TVB

The Serie A is the main competition between soccer teams of the State of Belcity.

In 2020 it is affiliated to the World Micronations Football Federation.

Registered clubs

In Serie A, there are 16 teams.

Club Location
Belcity Belcity (City)
Minu F.C. Minu
Wulagui Wulagui (City)