People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh

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People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh

카르토쉬 하르드 민주 공화국(Ko)
Нарудлсан Хардын Ард Ҡортош Орн

Kortosh Flag.png
Kortosh National Emblem.png

Бәхет, авырлык, бердәмлек
행복, 도전, 화합

금빛의 태양과 높은 산은 우리의 풍요로운 땅의 모습
The golden sun and the high mountains show our rich land
알튼 헤영 노픈 오롬은 우리네 드끈ᄒᆞᆫ 땅의 자부세

Official language(s)Korean

GovernmentConstitutional republic
- General secretary Sergey Damdinsurren
- Secretary of DefenseHwang Do-Gyeong

Formation2 February 2012
Unification into Kortosh-Jusin13 April 2022
Population11 (2021 census)
CurrencyKortosh Dollar (KTD), South Korean Won (KRW)
Time zoneUTC+9
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd


People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh or the Kortosh Inmin Minju Gong-Hwa-Guk (Korean: 카르토쉬 인민 민주 공화국) was a micronation located in the Republic of Korea.

Kortosh was the first micronation to designate Jeju language as its official language, and as an autonomous entity, it was designated second only after Wollim-ri in the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.

It was unified with the Jusin Republic as the Federation of Kortosh-Jusin on the 13th of April, 2022.

National name

The national title "Kortosh" was created by attaching the suffix "Osh(-ош)" to "Qort" which means wolf in ancient Turkish. The name Kortosh was in use since 2013. In the early days, the suffix -stan was used together with the name, as Kortostan. 'R' was often marked as 'L' when writing the national title during this period, because these two pronunciations had not yet been differentiated. This expression was not used after 2015, but reappeared in the <Approval Document of Relatives> on February 18, 2020. Meanwhile, the official national title from 2017 was the Great People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh. After the creation of a new government in 2021, it was decided to be the People's Democratic Republic of Kortosh, excluding the word "Great", as a result of a vote. Other candidates included the Kortosh Republic and the Kortosh Socialist Republic.


History of Kortosh
Ҡортошин таруто
Kartosz istorij
카르토쉬 이왁
카르토쉬의 역사
Tamar Sakaniu
Ancient Kortosh
Tribal of Tamar
Tribal of Sakaniu
Kortosh Ae-mak
Kortosh Ae-mak
Kortosh Transitional democratic government
Kortosh Transitional government
Kortosh Transitional government Repbulic of
The end of old Kortosh Kortosh Small adjustment
Kortosh Small adjustment
The start of New Kortosh Kortosh

Tribe of Tamar(2012-2013)

On February 8, 2012, it all began as a coalition activity with Sergei Damdin Suren and his relatives at the Uri-dong-nae(우리동네) Children's Center, but a day later, it was separated into the Tamar and Sakaniu.

The beginning of the Tribal Republic of Kortosh(2013-2015)

The latter part of Tribal Republic of Kortosh(2015-2016)

Kortosh Transitional democratic government(2016-2017)

Kortosh Transitional government(2017-2019)

Kortosh Small adjustment(2019-)

On August 24, 2019, the 8.24 civil war broke out.

On January 1, 2020, for the first time in Kartosh's history, he visited other micronations in the region(Republic of Tamnara), and on February 18, he received the approval of his micronation from his family members.

In June 2021, a Harde meeting was held to create a constitution led by the court. At this time, there were voices against the enactment of the Constitution. Meanwhile, Sergei Damdin Suren apologized to the people for a series of diplomatic scandals in 2019 prior to the start of the meeting.

On June 18, the court appointed Hwang Do-Gyeong as interim chairman of the National Defense Commission.

On January 1, 2022, Kortosh sign up as an observer in GUM

On April 13, 2022, Kortosh unified with the Jusin Republic into the Federation of Kortosh-Jusin.

Politics and administration


Flag of the Kortosh Defense Commission
Flag of the Kortosh MOFA

Administrative districts

Administrative districts Flag Emblem Capital city Population Located Area(㎢)
Kortosh mainland
Kortosh Flag.png
Kortosh National Emblem.png
Darkhat 11 Republic of Korea
Darkhat Independent City 3 Je-ju Island(제주도) 0.006002㎢
Hu-rue District
Hu-rue District Flag.png
Goromcool-Maeng Flag.png
Goromcool-Maeng Emblem.png
Sharenian-Maeng Flag.png
Sharenian-Maeng Emblem.png
Hwol-Hyeon State
Flag of Hwol-Hyeon State.png
Kortosh Namhwa Social Democratic Party Logo.png
Namhwa special administrative city 1 Dae-Gu(대구)
Freetown Dominion Freetown Dominion Flag.png
Freetown Dominion Emblem.png
Fortonna Republic of Korea 0.005515㎢
Jyooku Autonomous Republic Flag of Jyooku Autonomous Republic Flag.png
Jyooku Autonomous Republic Emblem.png
Fortonna Daejeon(대전)
Sula District
Sula District Flag.png
Sula District Emblem.png
Republic of Korea 0.00004㎢
BL Autonomous Republic
BL Autonomous Republic Flag.jpg
Sauru Autonomous Republic
Sauru Autonomous Republic Flag.jpg
Baek-ho county 2 Seoul(서울) 0.00004㎢
Partem Special Administrative District
Partem Special Administrative District Flag.webp
Partem Special Administrative District Emblem.png
Republic of Korea
Jebista Special Administrative District
Jebista Special Administrative District Flag.png
Jebista Special Administrative District Emblem.png
Jebista 4 Hwa-Sung(화성) 0.00009㎢

Trust Territories

Name Korean name Flag Located Area(㎢)
Kortosh Trust Territory of Yersia Republic 카르토쉬 신탁통치령 예르시아 공화국
Kortosh Trust Territory of Yersia Republic flag.png
Kortosh Trust Territory of GeonYukSa Island Republic 카르토쉬 신탁통치령 건육사섬 공화국
Kortosh Trust Territory of GeonYukSa Island Republic flag.png
Kortosh Trust Territory of Moon-Mu Representatives 카르토쉬 신탁통치 문무 대표부
Kortosh Trust Territory of Moon-Mu Representatives flag.png


Group Registered


  • Kortosh-Freetown United Communism Party, KFUCP(카르토쉬-프리타운 연합 공산당)
    • Freetown Communism Party, FCP(프리타운 공산당)
  • The Innovation Democratic Party, IDP(혁신민주당)
  • Namhwa Social Democratic Party, NSDP(사회민주당)
Name Abbreviation Korean Name Flag Logo Date of Foundation Chief of Party number of clinics Under the banner
Kortosh-Freetown United
Communism Party
KFUCP 카르토쉬-프리타운
연합 공산당
Flag of Kortosh Freetown United Communism Party.png
Logo of Kortosh Freetown United Communism Party.png
September 22, 2021 Hwang-Do-Gyeong 6 Freetown Communism Party, FCP
The Innovation
Democratic Party
IDP 혁신민주당
Kortosh Inovation Democratic Party logo.jpg
April 26, 2020 Dorasini-Dorarev 5
Namhwa Social
Democratic Party
NSDP 사회민주당
Kortosh Namhwa Social Democratic Party flag.jpg
Kortosh Namhwa Social Democratic Party Logo.png
August 18, 2021 Oh-Hyeon 1


Traditionally, the Tamar Army existed, but it was disbanded in 2015, and on December 31, 2020, when the Freetown Autonomous was merged into Kortosh, the Kortosh Free People's Army was created as a successor to the Freetown military system.