Republic of Mamhwang

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Republic of Mamhwang
Coat of arms
Official languagesKorean Japanese
GovernmentPresidential system
Establishment26 July 2017
• Census
Time zoneUTC+9 (KST)

Republic of Mamhwang is one of micronations in Republic of Korea

The Great War of Ala

In July 26, 2017, the micronation was founded through Great war of Ala. Many people including current Minister of Foreign Affairs and the acting president in Mamhwang participated in the war. At the time, the war proceeded due to several conflict between them and current and former presidents. The war which is the biggest event in Mamhwang paused for about 4 months(2017.11.17), but it started again. After that, additional 12 alliances joined in it and the union became dominant in that time. However, the presidents recruited 28 people, so the tables had turned. Thus, the union made a surprise attack to them. By the confusion, the union made 28 people and 3 presidents(3rd,4th,5th presidents) as allies of the union. Finally, all of the presidents surrendered to the union(2019.2.11) and many people including them are running Republic of Mamhwang while maintaining peace.

Corea-Mamhwang dispute

In 2020, it was triggered by misunderstanding between The United Kingdom of Corea(Maniac Separation Mornachy of Corea) and Republic of Mamhwang. In the dispute, Republic of Mamhwang(ROM) was criticized by many micronations in Korea because ROM behaved rudely in diplomacy(ROM destroyed flag of the united kingdom of Corea and spoke malicious words to Corea.) Fortunately, ROM apologized to many micronations including Corea for the dispute officially and ROM enacted 'the constitution for peace in Mamhwang'.


  • Beranda (Capital)
  • Woncheon (Metropolitan City)
  • River South
  • Gaikowu
  • Linia (Unincorporated Territory of Mamhwang)


Beranda(capital), Woncheon and River South are located in Gwangju(광주광역시). Gaikowu is located in Gunsan, Jeollabukdo(전라북도 군산시). Linia(Unincorporated Territory of Manhwang) is located in Gyeryong, Chungcheongnamdo(충청남도 계룡시).


Holidays and Memorial days in Mamhwang

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • May 5 Children Day
  • July 14 and August 16 Memorial Days of Ala
  • July 26 National Foundation Day
  • December 25 Christmas

Group Registered


  • Democratic Progressive Party (민주진보당)
  • Liberal Advanced Party (자유선진당)
  • Ala Social Democratic Union (알라사회민주주의연합)