Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations

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Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters AUDIMN Discord server

Official language English


Former Leadership
Chair Rafe Burfield
Vice-Chair Marek Squirtzle

– Founded 9 August 2021
- Dissolved 29 September 2021

The Alliance of Unified Democratic Independent Micronations (AUDIMN, /ɔːdɪm/) was an intermicronational organisation with a focus on creating new diplomatic channels and supporting micronational growth. The organisation was officially dissolved on 26 September 2021.



  • Must have completed AUDIMN membership application fully and truthfully;
  • Must be willing to submit to interview(s) and/or background checks by the Chairman or Secretary of Membership, if requested;
  • Must have a stable government and no extreme ideologies, i.e. - Fascism, Communism, etc.;
  • Must have a Foreign Policy built around passive diplomacy;
  • Must state the micronation and delegates will be respectful and non-discriminatory;
  • Must be willing to commit the necessary time and effort required for the smooth operation of AUDIMN;
  • Must be accepted by a vote of the Executive Council.

Full Member States


  • Three member delegation, one lead delegate;
  • Right to discuss and vote on a plethora of issues that affect member micronations and the wider micronational community;
  • Right to attendance to AUDIMN meetings;
  • Right to propose alliance legislation;
  • Right to participate in joint currency initiative;
  • Right to the appointment of a term on the Executive Council;
  • Right to membership on the Alliance Council.

Former Members

Nation name Native name/
co-official name
Flag Arms Acceptance
Area (km2)
State of Norton Norton 9 August 2021 26
Empire of Muskratia Empire of Muskratia 9 August 2021
Republic of Lansburg Lansburg 10 August 2021 2 44m² (0.000044 km2)
Republic of Belcity Belcity 13 August 2021 44 1,500m² (0.0015 km2)
Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia Ameristralia 14 August 2021 11 1,162m² (0.001162 km2)
Bay Democratic Republic Baytia 15 August 2021 1 16,000,000m² (16 km2)
Principality of Tremont Principality of Tremont 21 August 2021 8 187m² (0.18785508 km2)

Observer Member States


  • One member delegation;
  • Right to access non-Public Discord channels;
  • Right to discuss and provide input regards alliance and intermicronational issues;
  • Possible invitation by the chairman to attend AUDIMN meetings (disallowed discussion or vote);
  • Opportunity to apply for Full Member State status.

Former Observers

Nation name Native name/
co-official name
Flag Arms Acceptance
Area (km2)
People's Republic of Federalia and New Federalia Federalia 20 August 2021 4 34.200m² (0.0342 km2)