Morwenna Fydtroust

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Morwenna Anne Louise Tremberth
Morwenna Peswera Kelynen Tremberth
Empress of Fesmar
Drawing depicting Morwenna
Empress of the restored Fesmarian throne
Reign31 December 2022 - Present
Princess of Glynawan
Reign7 September 2020 - 1 June 2021
Duchess of Avonvali
Reign1 February 2021 - Present
Duchess of Glynawan
Reign2 February 2021 - 1 June 2021
Born9 January 2003 (2003-01-09) (age 20)
Cornwall, United Kingdom
FatherKenneth II Fydtroust
MotherAnn Fydtroust
ReligionCeltic Christian

Morwenna Tremberth(born 9 January 2003) is a micronational politican, diplomat, micronational monarch and retired head of the Imperial Fesmarian Army (IFA). She is the primary founder and former monarch of Fesmar, she was the longest reigning monarch in Fesmarian history, surpassing her predecessor Kenneth II by several years. Morwenna is also the last remaining member of the first Fesmarian empire to be a part of modern day Fesmar.

Morwenna retained a prosperous military career as head of the IFA, winning several key engagements in both the Fesmarian civil war and the Continuation wars. Despite her service, upon her official declaration to the state, nationally announcing her intention to change genders, she resigned from the position, citing Fesmarian military service laws. She would later appoint the Prince of Helstonia as the new head of the reformed Fesmarian Royal Army (FRA), and maintain an active role in military affairs. She would also maintain a career in the Empire of Aspens navy, resigning upon the dissolution of her position.

Morwenna would also hold a modest political career within Aspen, assuming the position of Prime Minister twice, although both for short periods of time. She would see her most success as the leader of the opposition, leading the Aspen Tory Party, later changed to the Aspen National Workers Party. Outside of Aspen, she held multiple minor political positions, in nations such as Groot-Brabant and Ainsworth.

Personal life

Morwenna was born 9 January 2003, in the English county of Cornwall (Kernow), she was raised in south western Cornwall, she was diagnosed with multiple physical and mental disabilities, spending the first 4 years of her life between hospitals. From a young age she was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia. She would publicly come out as lesbian on 9 April 2021. She would later become known as one of the first LGBTQ+ Cornish micronationalists. Morwenna would eventually leave the micronational community on a leave of absence following the diagnosis of her mother with terminal cancer, she would spend most 2022 caring for her dying mother, eventually in late November Ann II would pass away tragically, Morwenna would resign herself to personal solitude in the micronational community and focus on the one nation she remained active in, eventually she was offered the title of Empress of the restored Fesmarian empire and accepted it.

Career in Imperial Fesmar

12 March 2018, Morwenna gathered with a group of her friends and established the micronation of Fesmar, later being declared Emperor Lewis I (later made II) this was done as a way of combatting the belief that a woman cannot be monarch of a Cornish state. Her career in imperial Fesmar, was heavily influenced by ongoing personal issues, seeing her career almost end on multiple occasions. Morwenna would later go on to be declared the 'Augustus' of Fesmar, having her image made into that of a father to all Fesmarians. Following this Morwennas mental health would spiral, and she would temporary lose control of Fesmar.

Career after Fesmar

After the collapse of imperial Fesmar, Morwenna would join the empire of Aspen. Her career in Aspen would be divided into two distinct careers, her career as an Admiral of the Aspen Navy and her political career. Her career within the navy would be cut short after her defection to a rebellion against the Aspen government. Morwenna political career would see greater success, with her leading the lead opposition party in Aspen, and later being made Prime minister on two separate occasions. Her career in Aspen would end with her election as Chancellor of the Fesmarian republic. Morwenna would be made monarch of Glynawan after her abdication from the restored Fesmarian throne. Her career in Glynawan would be held back by her depression, brought on by gender dysphoria. Her notable successes were the formation and unification of the breakaway states of Stormhold and Ainsworth into a single unified state known as Aberfalia.

Career after Aberfalia

After the collapse of Aberfalia, Morwenna would reform Fesmar as the 3rd Kingdom of Fesmar. She would be made King (later Queen) and continued to maintain the policies of the previous Fesmarian governments. This would change after March 12 2021 where she would begin to move Fesmar towards a different equality focused direction, announcing the appointment of the incumbent chancellor, Ann Mark, later herself announcing that she will be the first Empress of Fesmar.


Once Fesmar had run its course, Morwenna began to look to alternatives to the nation. Soon she found a suitable alternative, in the form of a federal republic based around the town of Penzance, a place already familiar to her as the longest serving capital of Fesmar, eventually the federal republic with announce its long term ambitions. In a public declaration, Morwenna stated "I wish to see a federation of the Cornish, a voice for representation and change globally for our people, I want real change". She would later announce that Penzancia will in the long term become a wider Cornish federation, instead of just the Penzancian Federation.


After the Penzancian federation fell into decay, Morwenna moved towards Fesmar once again, this would however end following her resignation from Fesmarian leadership, she would later come into contact with Otto Green, and she eventually decided to restart her micronational career with a new micronation called Dutria. Dutria would be short lived as Morwenna decided to end her participation in micronationalism temporarily due to the illness of her mother. Following the passing of her mother in late November 2022, Morwenna would be offered her title of Empress of Fesmar back.

Titles, styles and honours

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  • In  Monmark: The Right Honourable Morwenna Anne Louise Tremberth, Marchioness Fydtroust of Kernow
  • In  Novus Hierosolymis: Dame Morwenna Anne Louise Tremberth of Fesmar, Dame Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Sampaguita GCSa
  • In Margraviate of Mistak: Lady Morwenna Anne Louise Tremberth of Avon Praze Vali