We Could Have Invited Everyone

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We Could Have Invited Everyone was a micronational exhibition occurring in 2004 and 2005. Both exhibitions coincided with a micronational summit.[1][2] The exhibitions featured over twenty artists' micronations, model nations and 'concept nation states',[3] featuring non-art pieces such as stamps, currency, passports and secessionist trivia. Alongside this was artwork by artists such as Yoko Ono and Nina Katchadourian.[4]

Two years after the final exhibition, the curators held an expanded event in 2007 called Grow Your Nation.[5][6]


2004 Exhibition

The original exhibition was featured at the Reg Vardy Gallery at the University of Sunderland, beginning on 9 November and concluding on 17 December.[7][8]


2004 Summit

A micronational summit was held at the Reg Vardey Gallery on 25 November to accompany the 2004 Exhibition. The international summit was noted to be the first of its kind. Danny Wallace moderated the summit.[9][10]

The summit was later featured in How to Start Your Own Country, a BBC television series presented by Wallace documenting the founding of the Kingdom of Lovely.[11]

Delegations Present

2005 Summit

The Summit was described with the tagline A General Assembly with Representatives of Real and Possible Countries. The conference itself took place at The Theresa Lang Community and Student Center. The event concluded with a party, film screening and citizenship drive at The Vera List Courtyard. Both of these locations were on the campus of The New School.[12][13]

Delegations Present


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