Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2015

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Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2015

Jonathan I and Sebastian Linden sign a treaty between Austenasia and Rudno.
Date 18 July 2015
Site London, United Kingdom
Attendees 5
Previous summit MicroCon 2015
Next summit MicroCon 2017

The Midsummer Micronational Meeting 2015 was an informal summit held in London on 18 July 2015 between leaders of Austenasia, Reyla, and Rudno, also attended by the former leader of the dissolved nation of Rukora.


Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and Tom Turner of the former nation of Rukora met at Westminster tube station in the morning and walked over Westminster Bridge to meet Sebastian Linden of Rudno and Lady Evren Filgert of Austenasia at Waterloo station. From there the group headed to the gardens of St John's Church, where they met with Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus of Reyla.

The group spent some time in informal discussion, then escorted Lady Filgert to a nearby tube station as she had to leave. After finding a nearby restaurant for lunch, Taeglan I also had to depart, after which Jonathan I, Linden and Turner explored the city some more, steadily making their way to King's Cross tube station via the UK Supreme Court and Friends House. On their way to King's Cross, Jonathan I and Linden signed a treaty between Austenasia and Rudno.

At King's Cross, Turner departed, and the Emperor and Linden had refreshments at a nearby café before they both departed as well.


Flag Nation Delegation
Empire of Austenasia Emperor Jonathan I
Lady Evren Filgert, Duchess of Dumnonia
Reylan Imperial Triumvirate Emperor Taeglan I Nihilus
Commonwealth of Rudno Sebastian Linden
Federal Republic of Rukora (former) Tom Turner

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