National Party of Ashukovo

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National Party of Ashukovo
Secretary-General Joseph Kennedy
Deputy Secretary-General Jacob Huff
Founded 4 January 2014
Headquarters 1 Albertschine Avenue, Saint Josephsburg, Montania, Ashukov Federation
Ideology Classical Liberalism
Social Conservatism
Civil Libertarianism
Ashukov nationalism
Official colours Blue, Orange
Seats in the Federal Assembly
3 / 10

The National Party of Ashukovo, commonly referred to as the National Party or simply the Nationals, is a centre-right political party in the Ashukov Federation that adheres to classical liberalism, social conservatism, civil libertarianism and Ashukov nationalism. It is one of three federal political parties, with regional parties located throughout Ashukovo. It holds three seats in the Federal Assembly and dominates two state governments, those of Aetos and Montania. It is a member of the United Ashukovo coalition with the Orthodox Party. Its current party leader, called the Secretary-General, is Joseph Kennedy, who has served as Prime Minister of Ashukovo since May 18, 2014.

The Nationals views themselves as vehement opponents of the left-wing and progressivism, and advocate the rights of the individual and free-market capitalism. It is also a leading proponent of Ashukov nationalism, the belief that the Ashukov people are a distinct ethnic group and deserve their own democratic federal republican nation-state. It is closely affiliated with other right-wing parties in the MicroWiki Community, such as the Wyvernian Liberal Party, the Siroccan Federal Party and the Conservative Peoples' Party of Hobartstown and Victoria.