Order of Radivojević

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Order of Radivojević

The Ribbon
Awarded by Ashukovo
CountryRepublic of Ashukovo
TypeState Order with One Degree
Awarded for" to be bestowed by the President on behalf of the Federal Assembly to those who have put forth outstanding effort to further the development of Ashukov culture."
StatusCurrently awarded
Established15 June 2013
First awarded2 recipients on 21 June 2013
Total awarded3 awarded
Next (higher)Presidential Award of Merit and Honour
Next (lower)N/A
Star of the Order

The Order of Radivojević is an award bestowed by the Stadtholder of the Republic of Ashukovo on behalf of the Senate. It is bestowed on those who have out forth outstanding effort in furthering Ashukov Culture. The award is not limited to Ashukov citizens. It is named for Branislav Radivojević, Prince Edward I's Ashukov name, who was the first Minister of Culture. It was established on 15 June 2013 by the Federal Assembly.


Ribbon used between 2013 and 2017