Public holidays in Ashukovo

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In the Republic of Ashukovo, National Holidays are official nation-wide public holidays. National Holidays were established following the adoption of the S–001-04/05/20 bill by the Senate on 4 May 2020. At present, there are twelve Federal Holidays.

Date Name in English Name in Ashukov Name in Russian Comments
1 January New Year's Day Дэн Нова Година Новый Год Celebrates the beginning of the new year.
7 January Orthodox Christmas Дэн Православяска Боствска Православное Рождество Celebrates Christmas on the Julian calendar.
31 January First President's Day Дэн Первого Прэзидэнта День Первого Президента Celebrates past Presidents; 31 January chosen because it is the birthday of Brooklyn Hewitt, first President of Ashukovo.
23 February Defender of the Fatherland Day День Защитника Отечество Celebrates the Ashukov Federal Armed Forces.
12 April Gagarin Day Дэн Гагарина День Гагарина Celebrates the day Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space.
Dates vary Easter Пасха Celebrates Easter. Determined by the Eastern Orthodox Compt
1 May Constitution Day День Конституции Celebrates the adoption of Ashukovo's constitution.
9 May Victory Day Дэн Побэды День Победы Celebrates the ratification of the surrender of the Third Reich and the downfall of Fascism in Europe.
11 May Slavic Culture Day Дэн Славска Културы День Славянской Культуры Celebrates Slavic culture, which Ashukov culture is considered to be a branch of, and Pan-Slavism, a guiding ideology in Ashukov politics.
21 May Saint Constantine Day День Святого Константина Celebrates Roman Emperor Saint Constantine the Great.
25 May Day of the First Federation День Первой Федерации Celebrates the day the First Ashukov Federation was officially established, and Ashukov statehood came into existence.
6 June Russian Language Day День Русского Языка Celebrates the Russian language, which has been a co-official language since Ashukovo's foundation.
17 July Tsar Nicholas II Remembrance Day День Памяти Царя Николая II Commemorates the sacrifice made by Russia's last Tsar, Nicholas II, and his royal family.
17 August Day of Ashukov Unity День Ашуковского Единства Celebrates the Unity that the Ashukov people have maintained throughout the years.
7 October Amager Day Дэн Амаджэра День Амаджера Celebrates the Confederation of Amager, Ashukovo's predecessor; 7 October chosen because it is the day when Amager gained an intermicronational presence.
25 December Catholico-Protestant Christmas Day Католическое Рождество Celebrates the birth of Christ on the Gregorian calendar.