Grand Chancellor of the Republic of Ashukovo

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Grand Chancellor of the Republic of Ashukovo
Ashukovo Government Logo.png
ResidenceNo official residence
Term lengthAt the President's pleasure
Inaugural holderManolis Afentoulis
Formation1 May 2020

Republic of Ashukovo

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Republic of Ashukovo


The Grand Chancellor of the Republic of Ashukovo is a senior office in the Republic of Ashukovo. The Grand Chancellor's role is to oversee the Senate and manage all matters related to the legislature. The Grand Chancellor is elected among the members of the Senate and formally appointed by the Stadtholder.

Timeline of Grand Chancellors

      National Liberty (1)
Regency Grand Chancellor Prior office Party Term Stadholder Notes
1 2 May 2020

Republic of Ashukovo Coat of Arms.png Manolis Afentoulis
1998 –present

Senator Conservative 1 2 years, 108 days Edward I