Ashukov Federal Armed Forces

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Ashukov Federal Armed Forces
The Forces
AFAF emblem.png
Coat of arms of the A.F.A.F.
Ashukov army flag.png
Flag of the A.F.A.F.
Founded 7 September 2013
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Foreign Legion
Commander-in-Chief Edward Jacobs
Minister of Federal Affairs Jacob Huff
Military age 10
Conscription No
Active personnel 16

The Ashukov Federal Armed Forces, abbreviated A.F.A.F. and sometimes referred to simply as "the Forces", is the national military of the Ashukov Federation. Various other names were used in the early development phases of the Forces, such as "Ashukov Federal Military" and "Federal Ashukov Defense Force".

The Forces comprise the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Foreign Legion. The A.F.A.F. is under the command of the Ministry of Federal Affairs.


Coat of Arms of the A.F.A.F. used from March 22, 2014 to March 4, 2017
Military flag used during the same period

The A.F.A.F. was established on 7 September 2013 as the Ashukov Federal Military.

For a period of time between 11 October 2014 and 29 January 2017, the A.F.A.F. were known as "Ashukov Imperial Armed Forces".