Supreme Court of the Ashukov Federation

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Supreme Court of the Ashukov Federation
Established25 May 2013
JurisdictionAshukov Federation
CompositionPresidential nomination
Authorized byConstitution
Term lengthLife tenure
Supreme Judge
IncumbentNathan Ford
Since11 June 2017

The Supreme Court of the Ashukov Federation is the highest judicial authority in the Ashukov Federation. It is "responsible for interpreting the Constitution and for handling lawsuits and criminal charges."


Picture Name Term start Notes
Nathan Ford
(Supreme Judge)
11 June 2017 Serving his third term as Supreme Judge. Longest serving SJ in history.
Bradley of Dullahan 11 June 2017 Supreme Justice of the GUM.
Brooklyn Hewitt 11 June 2017 Previously served as Supreme Judge between 25 January 2014 and 18 May 2014.