National Liberty Party (Ashukovo)

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National Liberty Party
LeaderPrince Edward
FoundedJune 3, 2017
DissolvedMay 21, 2022
HeadquartersSaint Constantine
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Ashukov nationalism
Political positionCenter-right
Council of Ministers
4 / 5
National Assembly
3 / 4

Republic of Ashukovo

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Republic of Ashukovo


The National Liberty Party (Russian: Национальная Партия Свободы) (commonly referred to as the NLP or НПС) was a center-right political party in Ashukovo, and a successor to the Orthodox Party – Ashukovo's historically oldest and most influential party.


The National Liberty Party was established by Prince Edward, Jacob Huff and Bradley of Dullahan on June 3, 2017, in the midst of the June 2017 presidential elections. The Party went on to win the election, with Jacob Huff amassing 60% of the popular vote.[1]

On January 12, 2018, Edward Jacobs took over the party, after assuming the office of President for the third time in his career.[2]


On June 3, 2017, the Party released its official platform,[3] where it defined its economic view as being liberal-conservative. The NLP promoted a strong and united Ashukov state and aimed to promote the culture and values of Ashukovo internally and abroad.

Internationally, the NLP advocated for close cooperation with other nations and greater influence over the internet segment of micronations. The party held an alliance with the Liberal Party of Wyvern.

Election results


President of the Ashukov Federation
Election year Candidate % of 1st round vote % of 2nd round vote Winning party
2017 Jacob Huff 60% n/a National Liberty

Timeline of NLP Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
File:Huff.png Jacob Huff June 3, 2017 January 12, 2018 Co-founder of the party, elected in the June 2017 presidential election.
Prince Edward January 12, 2018 May 21, 2022 Co-founder of the party, longest-serving President of Ashukovo.