Vice-President of the Ashukov Federation

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Vice-President of the Ashukov Federation
Seal of the Vice-President of Ashukovo.png
Edward Jacobs

since 25 June, 2017
Style Mr. Vice President
The Honorable
His Excellency
(In international correspondence)
Residence No official residence
Appointer President of the Ashukov Federation
Term length At the President's pleasure
Inaugural holder Manolis Afentoulis
Formation 29 January, 2017
Succession First

Ashukov Federation

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The Vice-President of the Ashukov Federation is a legislative officer in the Ashukov Federation. He is appointed by the President and presides over the Federal Assembly. The office came to replace the position of Prime Minister

Origin and history

The office of Vice-President was established on January 29, 2017 by then-President Edward Jacobs, after a two-year long inactivity period, with the aim of assisting the President in reviving Ashukovo. A few months later it was decided to keep the position and grant some the Prime Ministerial powers to the Vice-President. As such, the office of Prime Minster was dissolved. The first appointed Vice-President was Manolis Afentoulis.

Powers and duties

The Vice-President presides over the upper house of the Council of the Federation - the House of Territories. Normally the Vice-President has the power to vote only in case of a stalemate.

The President may delegate some of his powers through a Presidential Decree to the Vice-President.

The Vice-President is ranked second in the succession line to the Presidency.

Timeline of Vice-Presidents

      Conservative (1)       National Liberty (1)
Vice-Presidency Vice-President Prior office Party Term President(s) Notes
1 29 January, 2017

25 June, 2017
Seal of the Vice-President of Ashukovo.png Manolis Afentoulis

Tsar Conservative 1 Edward Jacobs Simultaneously served as the Minister of Culture and Minister of Foreign Affairs
2 25 June, 2017

Seal of the Vice-President of Ashukovo.png Edward Jacobs

President National Liberty 1 Jacob Huff