Orthodox Party of Ashukovo

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Orthodox Party of Ashukovo
LeaderEdward Jacobs
FoundedMay 25, 2013
DissolvedJune 3, 2017
HeadquartersMladorossija, SC
NewspaperThe Mirolian Times
Ideology • Liberal conservatism
 • Limited Statism
 • Big tent
 • Minority rights
Political positionCenter
ColoursRed, Blue
Council of Ministers
0 / 3

Republic of Ashukovo

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Republic of Ashukovo


The Orthodox Party of Ashukovo (Russian: Православная Партия) (commonly referred to as the OP or ПП) was a centrist political party in Ashukovo, the oldest party in the Federation. It was created by Edward Jacobs on May 25, 2013, upon the foundation of Ashukovo. Despite its name, the party did not advocate for any religious policies. All top Ashukov officials have at some point been members of or affiliated with the Orthodox Party. The party dissolved on June 3, 2017, and was succeeded by the National Liberty Party


The Orthodox Party was established as a right-wing political group, advocating for Ashukov nationalism, political statism and pan-Slavism. This political course was lead by its founder and gathered much support throughout various campaigns between 2013 and 2014. The Party had historically close ties with the National Party of Ashukovo, having formed a coalition called United Ashukovo. The party continued to be a major force during the brief period of active Tsarist rule.

Upon the restoration of federalism in Ashukovo in 2017, the party adopted a progressive platform, uniting both the right and the left. Nationalist ideologies have been dropped, and center-oriented policies have been adopted. The Party chose Jacob Huff to be its presidential candidate in the June 2017 elections.


The party's core economic view is that of liberal conservatism and very limited statism. The OP believes in a strong, united Ashukov state, a more centralized federal system and aims to promote the rights of minorities, including non-Orthodox and non-Slavic citizens. Internationally, the Orthodox Party advocates closer co-operation with other nations and greater influence over the internet segment of micronations.

The party has repeatedly criticized far-left populism and communism.

Timeline of OP Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
Edward Jacobs May 25, 2013 June 3, 2017 Founder of the party. Held virtually every top-ranking office (including those of the President and the Prime Minister).