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Grand Duchy of Vredeswyk
Groothertogdom Vredeswyk
Grand Duchy
Flag of Grand Duchy of Vredeswyk
Official seal of Grand Duchy of Vredeswyk
Vryhed en krag (Afrikaans)
Freedom and power
Country Ashukovo
 • Grand DukeEdward I (National Liberty Party)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC –5:00
Official languagesAfrikaans, Dutch, English

Vredeswyk, officially Grand Duchy of Vredeswyk (Afrikaans and Dutch: Groothertogdom Vredeswyk) is an autonomous state of the Republic of Ashukovo. It was founded on 1 May 2020 upon the merger of several Ashukov entities. As a result, Vredeswyk maintains a number of claims throughout the US.

The Grand Duchy is based on the Dutch and Afrikaner cultures, as reflected on its symbols.

The current Grand Duke and Federally-recognized Lord Governor of Vredeswyk is Edward I.