Ashukov Federal Territory of Saint George

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Ashukov Federal Territory of Saint George

Regant Populus
Seven Towers (Quick March)
Capital city Petras
Official language(s) English, Russian, Greek, Ashukov
Demonym Georgian
Government Unitary Constitutional Devolved Territory with direct democracy
- President of Ashukovo Jacob Huff
- Governor Pete Leventi
Legislature Senate
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - All Citizens
Established 26 December 2013
Area claimed 5 acres
Population 15
Currency Ashukov Denar
Time zone EST
National sport Association Football
National animal Peacock; de facto
Patron saint Saint George

The Ashukov Territory of Saint George, more commonly known as Saint George, is an Ashukov Territory located in the United States and Greece. The Territory consists of one district, a Dependency, and the Capital, Petras.


Saint George is a territory of Ashukovo but has been given most of the authority to conduct internal affairs. The Head of State and Government is the Governor, who is appointed by the President of Ashukovo and serves at His Excellencies Pleasure. The Speaker is the non-partisan moderator of the Assembly. Thee People's Whip is the representative of the People in the Executive.