Vehicle registration plates of Ashukovo

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Vehicle registration plates of Ashukovo are composed of four numbers and the name of the State or Land on top of the numbers. The plates have black characters on a white base using the same type of font as British car number plates. This system was introduced in 2020.


Ashukovo issues two sets of car plates, depending on the continent on which the State is located. The European based entities follow a format similar to that of European car plates with a blue rectangle on the left containing the Ashukov flag above the country's trigram "ASH". The American-based territories employ a format which includes a flag and "Ashukovo" spelled underneath using a Slavic font, all inside a coat of arms.

Special plates

Royal families

The Ashukov Royal families (the Houses of Jacobs and Emmanuel) are the only entities permitted to own a custom plate. The standard royal plate is of black color, contains the House or the reigning Prince's coat of arms and a number in Roman numerals.