District of Saint Constantine

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District of Saint Constantine
Округ Святого Константина
Regio Sancti Constantini
—  District  —


Motto: Nomenque erit indelebile nostrum (Latin)
My Name will never be forgotten
Country Flag of Ashukovo.png Ashukovo
 - Governor Edward Jacobs
Population (2017)
 - Total 7
Demonym Constantinian
Time zone GMT +3:00
Official languages English, Russian, Latin
Patron saint Saint Constantine

Saint Constantine (Russian: Святой Константин, Latin: Constantine Sanctus), officially known as the District of Saint Constantine, (Russian: Округ Святого Константина, Latin: Regio Sancti Constantini) is a constituent nation of the Ashukov Federation. A successor to the Federal Republic of Akharnes through the Grand Duchy of St. Konstantin, Saint Constantine is the only remaining founding state of Ashukovo.

Saint Constantine claims two areas in Europe and two in North America. The capital city of Ashukovo - Mladorossija is located in Saint Constantine, but holds no special status within the District. The official languages of Saint Constantine are English, Russian and Latin; English being the language used by the government.

The District is de facto ruled by the Supreme Council of Saint Constantine. A governor is elected once a year among its members, and serves as a spokesperson and representative of the District within the Federation. The current governor is Edward Jacobs.

List of Governors

Name Term Start Term End Notes
Edward Jacobs 29 January 2017 29 April 2017 Founder of the District. Served as President.
Sebastian Schriber 29 April 2017 20 May 2017 Adopted Latin as a co-official language.
Jacob Huff 20 May 2017 25 June 2017 Expanded the District in North America. Became President.
Edward Jacobs 25 June 2017 incumbent Serves as Vice-President.