Ashukov nationalism

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Ashukov nationalism is a term applied to the form of nationalism promoted by the National Party of Ashukovo and the Social Patrotic Party of Ashukovo. It is commonly defined as a right-wing, micronational political movement that seeks to promote the development of a strong and independent Ashukov state in the form of the Ashukov Federation; a sovereign democratic semi-presidential constitutional republic. It is distinct from other micronational nationalist movements in that it has a number of unique defining characteristics not found in most other nationalist ideologies in the micronational community.


In particular, Ashukov nationalism is usually characterised by the following ideas:

  • Support for the idea of an independent, sovereign Ashukov state as a recognised macronation;
  • Support for the idea of the Ashukov Federation as one of the "superpowers" of the MicroWiki Community;
  • Belief in the existence of a distinct racial and cultural identity for the Ashukov people;
  • Staunch support for Republicanism;
  • Belief that the Orthodox Church of Ashukovo should be safeguarded by the State as an important part of Ashukov culture and national identity;
  • Vehement opposition to multi-culturalism;
  • Belief in cutting down on the number of dual-citizens;
  • Support for the abolition of Special cultural Status; and
  • Belief that the Greek-Slavic culture found in Mouzilo is a branch of Ashukov culture, and should be recognized as such.

Prominent Ashukov nationalists