Ministry of Defense (Ashukovo)

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Ministry of Defense
Ashukov Ministry of Defense.PNG
Ministry overview
Formed25 May 2013
Dissolved31 January 2017
JurisdictionAshukov Federation

The Ministry of Defense of the Ashukov Federation (Russian: Министерство обороны Ашуковской Федерации, Минобороны Ашуково) was the former ministry of Ashukovo that used to exercise administrative and operational leadership of the Ashukov Federal Armed Forces.

The Ashukov Minister of Defense was the nominal head of all the Federal Armed Forces, serving under the President of the Ashukov Federation, who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Armed Forces of the Ashukov Federation. In this capacity, the minister exercised day-to-day administrative and operational authority over the armed forces. The General Staff, the executive body of the Ministry of Defence, implemented the defense minister's operational instructions and orders. The Federal Assembly exercised legislative authority over the Ministry of Defense, which was nominally responsible for maintaining the armed forces at the appropriate level of readiness.

The Ashukov Minister of Defense was abolished by President Edward Jacobs on January 31, 2017 and replaced by the Ministry of Federal Affairs of Ashukovo

# Picture Name Military rank Took office Left office President served under
1 Sebastian Schriber No military rank 25 May 2013 13 November 2013 Brooklyn Hewitt, Edward Jacobs
2 Nathan Ford No military rank 14 November 2013 25 January 2014 Edward Jacobs
3 Jacob Huff No military rank 25 January 2014 18 May 2014 Sebastian Schriber
4 Edward Jacobs Colonel 18 May 2014 11 October 2014 Jacob Huff