Morgannwg general election, March 2020

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June 2020 Morgannwg general election

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  Newton U bubble.png
Candidate James Frisch Newton von Uberquie
Party Plaid Ddemocrataidd Y Teyrngarwyr
Popular vote 5 3
Percentage 62.5% 37.5%

Prif Weinidog before election

James Frisch

Prif Weinidog after election

James Frisch
Plaid Ddemocrataidd

The Kingdom of Morgannwg held an election between the 28th and 29th of March, 2020, concurrently with the Abeldane executive election. The election was for both the Prif Weinidog (formerly known as the Chief Minister) and the newly established legislature, the Senedd. The election was held following the enactment of the new Constitution of Morgannwg, with new state parties formed, the Plaid Ddemocrataidd and Y Teyrngarwyr.


Prif Weinidog

Party Candidate Results
votes %
Plaid Ddemocrataidd James Frisch 7 87.5%
Abstention None 1 12.5%
Invalid/blank votes 0
Total 8 100
Registered voters/turnout 8 100%


Party Votes % Seats
  Plaid Ddemocrataidd (Democratic Party) 5 62.5% 2
  Y Teyrngarwyr (The Loyalists) 3 37.5 1
Total 8 100.00 3
Invalid/blank votes 0 0.0 0
Registered voters/turnout 8 100% +40%
Source: Reichswahlkommission Official Report