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Von Uberquie Ministry
26th ministry of Abelden
File:Newtonvonuberquie 1.jpg
Date formed 23 August 2017
Date dissolved 19 September 2017
People and organizations
Head of government Newton von Uberquie
Head of state Stephen I & II
Member party Social Ecology
National Independence
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Federalist
Opposition leader Horatio Eden
Election(s) 2017 IV
Legislature term(s) 7th Reichsversammlung
Previous Renwick IV
Successor Neasa

The von Uberquie Ministry was formed by Vorsitzender Newton von Uberquie, Marquis of Middleham, on 23 August 2017. It succeeded the fourth Renwick ministry and is the 26th ministry in Abelden's history. It was formed following von Uberquie's victory in the August 2017 federal election.

The ministry's senior party was Abeldane Social Ecology (ASE), the second largest party in the Reichsversammlung (with 5 seats) following the August 2017 election. Its two junior parties, at the moment of its creation, were the Abeldane National Party (the second largest, with 4 seats), and the Independence Party of Abelden (the smallest, with 2 seats). It was the seventh Abeldane cabinet in which the ANP (and its predecessor, the Democratic-Liberty Party) and the IPA were together in a coalition government, and the third in which the ANP-IPA alliance was in coalition with the Social Ecology Party.

On 3 September 2017, the ANP and the IPA merged into the Abeldane National Independence Party (ANIP). On 19 September 2017, Newton von Uberquie resigned as Vorsitzender, alongside his seat in the Reichsversammlung and his Abeldane citizenship, and so he was replaced by his Stellvertreter, Ava Neasa.


Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 26th Reichsregierungskabinett
Monarch His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty
24 March 2015 Reigning   Non-partisan
Generalmememarschall 23 August 2017 19 September 2017
Vorsitzender The Rt. Hon.
The Marquis of Middleham MP
Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs
Secretary of Cartography
Stellvertreter The Rt. Hon.
The Countess of New Douala MP
Minister of Cabinet Office
Director of the Abeldane Intelligence Agency
Chancellor of the Treasury The Rt. Hon.
The Duke of Manchester MP
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Rt. Hon.
Brandon Wu MP
Minister of Media and Governmental Communications The Rt. Hon.
The Duke of Fosterlingen MP
Minister of Culture The Rt. Hon.
The Baron Farrar MP
Minister of Orthography The Rt. Hon.
The Earl of Batori MP
Head of the Reichswahlkommission