Ministry of Cabinet Office (Abelden)

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Ministry of Cabinet Office
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Ministry overview
Formed 19 July 2017
Jurisdiction Abelden
Minister responsible Avro Keatings, Cabinet Office Minister

The Ministry of Cabinet Office is a ministerial department in Abelden responsible for overseeing the activities of the Reichsregierungskabinett. The Stellvertreter holds the office ex officio under the Government Ministries and Offices Act.

The ministry was established following a major reorganisation of the Reichsregierungskabinett and is one of the permanent ministries established under the Government Ministries and Offices Act. The incumbent minister is the Stellvertreter, Avro Keatings, who took office on 19 July 2017.


Some of the responsibilities the ministry takes are:

  • To manage the scheduling of all Reichsregierungskabinett meetings
  • To create a minutes at every meeting and to archive them


Minister of Cabinet Office of the
Abeldane Empire
Avro Keatings, Baron Kerfoot

since 19 July 2017
Style The Right Honourable
Term length At His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Avro Keatings
Formation 19 July 2017

Below is the list of all Cabinet Office Ministers from the beginning of its establishment. The term of each ministers is at His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty's pleasure.

Name Image Term of office Political party Vorsitzender
The Baron Kerfoot AVK.jpg 19 July 2017 Incumbent Independence The Marquis of Bessatre
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