Statsminister of Nordkavn

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Statsminister of the
Nordkavn Federation
Andrew Irons

since 29 May 2018
StyleHis Excellency
Term length3 months
Inaugural holderAndrew Irons
Formation18 May 2018

The Statsminister is the head of state and head of government of the Nordkavn Federation. It is the highest office in the federation and is directly elected every three months.

The name 'Statsminister' is taken from the name of the Danish Prime Minister.

The Statsminister heads the Federal Cabinet of Nordkavn and is responsible for the functions of the federal executive. Currently, no Statsminister has been appointed pending the first federal executive general election.

List of Statsministers

As of May 2018, there has only been one Statsminister of Nordkavn.

Andrew Irons

Andrew Irons is the first Statsminister and leads the First Federal Cabinet. He has spent 1212 days in office. His Depute Statsminister is Nicholas Randouler.