Konn et al. v. Roberave

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Konn et al. v. Roberave
Supreme Court of the Principality of Posaf
Case nameKonn et al. v. Roberave
Charges(1) Bribery in a sanctioned federal election
ProsecutorsGrace Konn
Jenna MacRonn
Maria Lynnae
Henry Edwelo
DefendantsGrant Roberave
Emma O'Brian
Heard bySupreme Court of Posaf

Konn et al. v. Roberave is an ongoing legal action in the Principality of Posaf. The case commenced when Konn brought a charge to the House of Lords for the Supreme Court of Roberave breaking a democracy law in Posaf, pertaining to the NDP leadership election in 2019. A whistleblower of the Roberave campaign came fourth to report this to Konn and Lower Lord, Henry Edwelo.


Roberave plans to make a counter trial against the Randouler Ministry for not giving him a speedy trial making him wait until the new House of Lords is sworn in.