Federated Union of Micronations

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Federated Union of Micronations


Headquarters FUM Summit (Discord)

Official language English

Membership 3 member states

Chairman Pablo Macias
Vice-Chair Daniel Lee

Foundation 12 December 2017
Website Official Website

The Federated Union of Micronations, or simply FUM, was a intermicronational organization. It currently consists of three founding members. Its goal is to achieve peace and co-operation within the micronational community.


As a newfound organization, there is relatively little history to this group. It was dissolved and merged with the United Micropact, on January 8, 2018


The Chair is elected every 6 months, who appoints the Vice-Chair, and organizes the sessions, held every 2 weeks. The Senior Council is the highest level a micronation can get, with it having administrative powers within the Summit. The Senior Council is consisted of 9 members, with 4 being permanent members, and 5 non-permanent members, which are chosen every 6 months. The permanent members are the ones considered to be the most influential members, similar to France, the U.S., China, Russia, and the United Kingdom being permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Key People

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Permanent Members


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