Independence Spire

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The Independence Spire, usually known colloquially by Überstadtis as "the obelisk," is a national monument of Überstadt. It stands in Independence Park in the Barony of Rosewood, the capital since February 2013. The spire was ordered built by King Adam to commemorate his reign and the anniversary of Überstadt. It was erected on the Kingdom's third Independence Day, 6 March 2013, having been constructed by the king and his father.

The Independence Spire is an obelisk roughly a meter tall, cut from a solid piece of red cedar wood. It was originally part of a spare 4x4 piece of lumber, and was formed using a handsaw and a miter saw. It was planted in a hole nearly a foot deep to keep it secure. T he occasion of the obelisk's construction was significant to the Überstadti people. Their state's third anniversary was viewed as a major milestone, and the monument became the first permanent physical manifestation of Überstadt's existence. The monument is visible today from the common areas of the Royal Residency.