Free Republic of New Massa

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Free Republic of New Massa
Libera Repubblica di Nuova Massa (Italian)
8 years (15/12/15 – 20/2/23)
New massa naval ensign.png
State Ensign, Civil Ensign.
Coat of arms of Nuova Massa
Coat of arms
Motto: "Quantum est clavis ad pacem"
"Respect is the key for peace"
Map of New Massa within the Tyrrenian Sea
Map of New Massa within the Tyrrenian Sea
Map of Europe
Map of Europe
LocationItaly, Tuscany
CapitalNuova Massa
44.03195395784887, 10.130951022420843
Largest cityGalite
Official languagesItalian
Recognised languagesArabic
Recognised regional languagesMassese
Ethnic groups
  • 59% Arabic
  • 40% Italian
  • 1% Others
  • 80% Atheism
  • 18% Catholicism
  • 2% Others
GovernmentFederal Elective Left-Winged Presidential Republic
• President
• Prime Minister
LegislatureConsiglio Nazionale (National Council)
EstablishmentDecember 15, 2015 (February 20, 2023)
• Declaration of Independence
December 15, 2015
• Estabilishment of the Second Republic
March 1, 2017
• Declaration of the Duchy of New Massa
May 21, 2021
• Restoration of the Republic (Third Republic)
September 19, 2021
• Established
• Disestablished
• Total
8.08 km2 (3.12 sq mi)
• Water (%)
0.00000001% ~
• (as 2022) estimate
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
< 0.005 million
• Per capita
$263.15 ∽
Gini (2016)Negative increase 0.05
HDI (2022) 0.875
very high
CurrencyNeomassese Mark, Euro (ꟽ, €)
Time zoneUTC+1
Date formatDD/MM/YYY
Driving sideleft
Calling code+39
Internet TLD.nm (hypothetical)
Today part ofItaly, Tunisia
This nation is a member state of the GUM.
The rail gauge is useless, as New Massa has no railways.
Passport example.
The Actual Currencies of New Massa

The Free Republic of New Massa (it:Libera Repubblica di Nuova Massa) was founded on December 15, 2015, and dissolved on February 20, 2023. It's a micronation located in Massa, Italy. It's a federal elective presidential left-winged republic, it has its own currency (Neomassese marks). The official language is Italian and its motto is "Quantum est clavis ad pacem" , that means "Respect is the key for peace". The state has 7 fundamental articles in the hand-written constitution. After the accords with the Italian Republic, Italy manages and guarantees the sources of gas, water and electrity to New Massa.

The political system

New Massa adopted a Federal Presidential Elective Left-Winged[1] Republic, where the three powers are equally divided between the President (with veto power), Prime Minister and the National Council.

The President is elected every 4 months, along with its vicepresident. The Prime Minister is elected every 3 months. Both charges are able to serve for a maximum of 7 mandates.

A dictator is an emergency figure, which detains the three powers, and has a cjarge of 2 weeks, used only during serious crisis.

The National Council

The National Council is a fundamental government organ and contains every elected party leader of New Massa.

The 7 main articles (2015 constitution)

  1. New Massa consents to every person with Italian Citizenship the free entry and exit in the state. Also, if the person wanted to have a profession in New Massa must have the Neomassese Citizenship and/or Neomassese Passport.
  2. New Massa is a Federal Presidential Elective Left-Winged Republic, where the three powers are divided, executive and legislative powers are managed by the President in charge, and the judiciary power is managed by the Prime Minister in charge.
  3. The 8 districts/provinces are governed by the President (5) and the Prime Minister (3). (Obsolete)
  4. New Massa will be a neutral state in any political energency, convenience and inconvenience.
  5. New Massa Guarantees to the citizen liberty of political expression, word, thought, and a state of secularism (liberty of worship). The state also tries to guarantee and maintain the well-being and a minimum stress of the citizen.
  6. New Massa will follow in any case the thirty human rights. 6.1: any form of totalitarianism and authoritarianism will be condemned.
  7. New Massa requested a membership to the European Union and the United Nations, to give citizens and Europeans freedom of movement.

The constitution was written the same day of the foundation of New Massa, and the one above is the original.

In 2017, the constitution has seen minor changes, along with radical reforms. In fact, the period 2017–2021 is considered the Second Republic.

The Flag, anthem, population and currency

The Flag

The Flag of New Massa has proportions of 2:3 circa and the center red triangle with the tip oriented towards the shaft represents the left-winged politics of the republic while the red represents the effort and the blood of the patriots. The yellow represents the liberty of the country and its luminescence. The blue symbolizes the serenity and richness of the nation, the purple represents the loyalty and the total liberty of speaking, thinking, writing and political, artistic and philosophical thinking (different from the other ''thinking''). The white symbolizes the secularism (liberty of worship) and the absence of censures. White also stays for the power of working.[2]

The flag was adopted the same day of the foundation, and it has seen minor changes.

The 2017 reforms changed the color black to purple and made the rest a darker shade.

The state ensign contains the coat of arms inside the white field, and the civil ensign does not.

In 2019 the color yellow and red were swapped, for the president's will and for aestethic purposes.

New Massa's Naval Ensign (2017-2023)
Neomassese Flag Waving.

The anthem

The national anthem is taken from a part of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida, and it's an instrumental–only symphony.

It was officially adopted on December 18, 2015, with the law n.1, comma 2, of 2015 (declaration of independence)

The Triumphal March, New Massa's Anthem, played in summer 2016 by the trumpeteers of the gendarmerie.


Population count of citizenships (as December 2022 census): 22/23

Total inhabitants: ~ 25

Year Population


2015 12 Steady
2016 12 Steady
2017 19
2018 25
2019 27
2020 25
2021 36
2022 62
2023 58

Population by macronation (July 2022 survey)

Macronation n. Citizens Percentage
 Italy 25 40.325%
 United Kingdom 10 16.13%
 United States 10 16.13%
 Romania 4 6.452%
 Sweden 3 4.839%
 France 2 3.226%
  Switzerland 2 3.226%
 San Marino 1 1.613%
 Australia 1 1.613%
 Spain 1 1.613%
 Portugal 1 1.613%
 Malaysia 1 1.613%
 South Africa 1 1.613%

The currency

New Massa adopted the neomassese mark and the Euro since December 16, 2015. Euro is used the most, it representing 96% of purchases and sells.[3]

Change Taxes (As November 2021)

1 MNM/ꟽ = 0.90 Euros.

1 MNM/ꟽ = US$1.02

1 MNM/ꟽ = 1.30 CAD (Canadian Dollar)

1 MNM/ꟽ = 1.41 AUD (Australian Dollar)

1 MNM/ꟽ = 1.50 NZD (New Zealand Dollar)

1 MNM/ꟽ = 116.77 ¥

1 MNM/ꟽ = 75.04 ₽

1 MNM/ꟽ = 1210.02 ₩

1 MNM/ꟽ = 0,93 CHF

1 MNM/ꟽ = £0,70


2015 (First Republic)

The Free Republic Of New Massa declared its independence on the morning of December 15 of 2015. The constitution, with its seven fundamental articles, was written, and along with it, there were created several regulations about the flag, the anthem, the motto, the currency and the armed forced (15-18 December 2015).

On Christmas of 2015, the Republic proclaimed itself to be a two-party state, and with the three powers detained by the President and Prime Minister in office. The first president of New Massa was the founder of it, Gianmarco, and the Prime Minister elected Manuele M.


In January 2016, the Partito Unito di Sinistra (United Left Party) divided itself into a Centre-Left successor and a Socialist Party, after several political indecisions and disruptions. The division was allowed, even though it breaking the proclamation of Christmas 2015.

The split of the Leftist Party led to another splitting of the Unione di Destra (Right Union) into an extremist faction and a moderate right-wing party. Afterwards, the President declared an emergency and banned the extremist party (Rinascita Massese), due to New Massa being a leftist nation, expressed in the declarations subsequent the constitution. The state of emergency was dismissed on January 23–24.

The Annexion of Nuovo Parco

After several pressures by both sides to expand the Neomassese claims, a public park was chosen, after the April 6 vote, and the next day, the President made a public speech and officially declared the establishment of the region of New Park (Nuovo Parco). The president ordered a military occupation of the territory and on April 8, 2016 two Gendarms were sent to occupy the territory and proclaim it.


The 2017 Reforms and The Second Republic

In March 2017, the (first) Right-wing President (Filiberto B.) enterprised many reforms and modified the constitution, declaring the Second Republic.

The major reform consisted of flag redesign and constitution modifies.

Flag Redesigns

The national flag reform consisted of a series of legislative laws that changed the at-the-time orange field with a purple field and, to compensate aestethics, changing the shade tones of the other colors to a darker one.

Furthermore, a Naval Ensign was adopted, to be flown on civil boats registered in New Massa. One boat has ever flown the Naval Ensign.

Constitutional Revisions

With the allowance of every party unanimously, the Constitution had minor changed, which regarded the article six, which added the 6.1 comma and changed the contwnt of the article to the thirty UN human rights, making them unviolable. The comma consisted of the denounce and definite ban of every totalitarian or authoritarian government, to an effort to reinforce democracy.

The Demographic Rise and the Manifestos

With the Republic in steady citizenships and absence of important roles, the government expanded in the internet manifestos to join the Republic and become a citizen, but also with physical leaflets.

The effort payed very well, resulting in a population skyrocket, which led to a period of prosperity known as L' epoca Tranquillissima (The calm èpoque).


The 2018 Military Reform

With the Filiberto B. III government, there have been created several military reforms, which formed new companies and created a more organized subdivision of ranks, in order to have better troop management.

The reform split the already-existing 1° company Avenza and created a specialized mountaineer company Tambura and created from the 1° company an elite-force group Fucilieri dell'Ulivo.

The 2018 Crisis

In early June 2018, the centrist Fantini government suffered an attempted coup of the Socialist party. The PM Quanzi declared state of emergency and proclaimed the General Ionio as the temporary dictator, which physically deployed the entire newly formed elite company to forcefully withdraw the Socialists, which seized the government and were taking control of the organs.

After Ionio's dictatorship, the government restored the Fantini presidency and gave the Socialist party a fine of 5000MNM (?), which left it in constant debt. The responsibles of the coup were individually fined and considered them "prisoners", hence revoking their citizenship.

Parenti Presidency

In October 2018, the Socialist president Parenti was elected with the majority of the chamber's votes, and he, along with his PM Robbone, gave the republic a Socialist asset, causing protests from the other parties and unhappiness. After much protests, ignored, the government held a vote and made Parenti the shortest-serving president (1 month) along with his Prime Minister. The next President to be elected extraordinarily was General Ionio (II), an independent liberal.


The "Periodo Stabile" and the Federations

From November 2018, the Republic saw a citizenship number in constant rise, prosperity and calmness. The political disruptions of the 2018 crisis fixed and the government stable. In January, the parties, seeing no disagreements, decided to create a federation of right and left, in order to keep them compact in future decisions and votes. The document of the foundation of the Federazione di Destra and Federazione di Sinistra were created on 2–5 February and signed, officially declaring a 75% merge of the four parties in two, as the 2015 constitution almost originally said.

The Reforms of The Juan Presidency

Centre-Left president Juan was elected on February 3 (?) and gave New Massa a new flag, swapping the yellow and the red, which at the time had opposite places, although with the same meaning behind it. According to an interview from 3/3/19, the President wanted to switch the colors for aestethic purposes, with support from the Centre-Right. The Reform was though appreciated from both parties.

The First Real Trainings

With the Gendarmerie Companies, brand-new and created from the Filiberto III government in 2018, they had the first uniforms and training available.

"Con la creazione delle compangnie della Gendarmeria Neomassese, viene

dichiarato l'inizio della loro preparazione fisica, mentale e militare. Da oggi,

tutte le truppe dei reggimenti specializzati saranno addestrate in maniera

dura e minuziosa. Affidando il compito al generale Gianmarco, esso si dovrà

impegnare a seguire le schede di addestramento predefinite dal generale Ionio."

- Declaration of training, 2019, National Archives

The trainings consisted of physical endurance, training, stealth, tactics and aim. The Gendarmerie regular is armed with a LT595 Airsoft carbine, used for training and in service. If not the carbine, a Novritsch SSP2 airsoft pistol is used. These armaments were bought after a reform law passed under the Ionio II Presidency, with vote unanimity.

The Gendarmerie Uniform was custom-made and very expensive to produce, limited to only 14 capes. The formal service uniform consisted of a dark grey suit and a grey tie, along with a dark blue basque. The suit had shoulder pads representing the grade. The normal uniforms consisted of a grey camo pants and jacket. No pictures available.


The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the spread of Coronavirus, New Massa had several concerns about it, and strictrly controlled it. The known cases of covid inside new massa were four, all of those healed within a month.

On the 9 of March, Italy declared national lockdown. New Massa, through the announcement n.3 of 2020, declared the state of lockdown, too. The lockdown led to a massive slowdown of bureaucratic and internal affairs, which made the government weaker, but unable to do much about it.

The control of Coronavirus was the use of a temporary swab into a pharmacy, to know if there was a trace of COVID-19.


On February 25, the President declared that a passport can be obtained, but a fee must be given (30 Marks).

On April 2, the President Guazzabuglione abrogated the law that allowed to obtain the citizenship by having "Both parents with Neomassese origins or place of birth", knowing that would be likely impossible.


The Demographic Skyrocket

Thanks to manifestos spread throughout advertising on discord servers non-stop since 2017 (with interruptions during the pandemic), the citizenships issued in 2021 were many. This led to a more active political life.

The Monarhic Period (Il Periodo Ducale)

Highlight: Duchy Of New Massa

In May 2021, the centre-right party proposed an elective monarchy. With most parties agreeing, the President saw itself to make a referendum, whether Monarchy or Republic. With the left's unhappiness, the Monarchy won by 52% of votes, hence telling by that number how the country was divided. Hence, there was elected the Duke Gianmarco as the first ducal rule, the founder and first president. The constitution had minor changes, and many documents and acts were written (Flag change, coat of arms change, political assets change). The Duchy was characterized by some instability within and frequent protests, mostly from the left parties. The Royal Law n.1 of 2021 declared that New Massa shifted from a Presidential Republic to an Elective Parliamentary Monarchy, hence giving much power to the parliament, arguably more than the Republic.

As the Ducal Period could have given the better, though it was short lived. In September of the same year, the Monarchy became unpopular and created real riots among many members, which preferred the republic. After a small Gendarmerie intervention, order was reestabilished, and another vote was held, which asked the same question as the May vote. This time, the preference shifted towards the republic by a few percentage points, and the Duke Tyrrenian resigned on the 18 of September, leaving the throne vacant. The republic won the vote, achieving 54,5%

The Third Republic and the Restoration

The Third Republic was proclaimed, and a provisional government was held for one week, before bringing back the old consittution, flag and every other political custom and asset. The Restoration period lasted until January 2022, where politics clamed and tensions nonexisting.

During October, November and December the left and the right had massive tensions between each other. The Third Republic saw different reforms and created the 3a compagnia d'Acqua "Frigido", a company specialized in water, which did not see much action throughout New Massa's history.

The Croque Presidency managed the situation very well and brought Massa back to its stability.

On December 26, from initiative, New Massa had a mutual recognition treaty with the Pinangese Republic, one of the few bilateral treaties ever pursued.


Political Stability

After the Restoration, there has been a political stability similar to the 2017 and 2019 ones. The two federations had quite a still time, having regular elections and regular internal affairs.

Annexion of Gallì

After several proposes of expansionism never actuated, the archipelago of Galite (Italianized Gallì), a group of small islands off the coast of Tunisia, was seen suitable to become a Neomassese Province.

With a vote held on January 30, the President declared on the 8th of February the official unilateral annexation of the Archipelago of Galite, renamed to Gallì afterwards.

The annexion caused internal problems from the two parts, seeing the left opposing to the annexation, thought to be just for prestige, expansionism and lucrative purposes, and the right, seeing it as an improvement of the Third Republic to both its name and economy.

Furthermore, the islands represent the only stable port and sea access. For more information, see the dedicated section.


With an apparent prosperity, the Republic was plagued by rigged elections, corruption and general political unhealthiness, along with inactivity. Some drastic measures were taken by the President-in-office Palànaő, but with little results.

The late 2022 period will result in a constant disruption and cracking of the national structure, leading into a period known as L' ultimo respiro or Periodo Ultimo, in which there were tensions and important instabilities.


The first two weeks of 2023 are commonly considered a continuation of the late 2022 downfall, until there was reached a breaking point.

The Civil war

On February 15 an internal war broke out, seeing the whole left going on strike, suspending the governmemt's activity and violently protesting. Meanwhile, a nationalist coalition formed against the left to bring order, partly affiliated with the government.

The left faction wanted to prioritize the chamber and not the president, wanted the government to withdraw the claims upon Gallì, was strongly against a monarchy and wanted more protection in regards of the workers, and the riots and violent revolts were led by the Socialist's party leader Salzaran.

The nationalist faction proclaimed itself on February 16, the same day the major protests broke out.

The rightist faction wanted expansionist policies, conservatism, militarism (?) and patriotism. The nationalists were also in favor of a monarchy and imperial policies. It was led by general Parma.

On 16 February, the President and PM exiled themselves in Italian Massa (?) and anmounced emergency, appointing general Ionio as a dictator, which immediately ordered to stop the ferocious clashes in between by sending three Gendarmerie companies, leaving the last one to guard the government building.

By 18 February, all sorts of militias were born, and those had to harshly fight, having one Gendarm injured. The outrageous situation was leading to a capitulation.

The general Ionio ordered the Gendarmerie to violently repress the revolts, but the companies would see themselves overwhelmed and outnumbered.

On the 19th, a 7-hour truce was signed, which gave time to the Gendarmerie to reorganize, but also gave time to the factions plans to occupy the government.

On the morning of the 20th, the nationalists are defeated by the left coalition, which would march undetected on its way to seize the government. The dictator, once noticing, sends immediately all of the forces to the revolters. The elite company Fucilieri delľulivo, an elite company, would cede after fiercely stopping Salzaran's plans and giving enough time for the other three companies to arrive.

The dissolving of New Massa

The Gendarms fought until their last available ammunition, but Salzaran would enter the building by force and, in a rush, Ionio would take the (already prepared, due to the event likely to happen) capitulation document, which will be signed by the dictator Ionio, the leftist Salzaran and the defeated nationalist Parma.

By the end of the civil war of New Massa, the micronation formally dissolved, disbanding every party, claim, government organ, law enforcement and citizenships issued.

15 December 2015 – 20 February 2023

2021, Ducal flag of New Massa
One of the internet manifestos issued by the government, recently uploaded from the digital archives. 2017. The Discord username and tag are obsolete and no longer function.


Metropolitan New Massa

Metropolitan New Massa consists of the government building, it has no geographical connotations or features.

New Parco

New Parco is a grass field with occasional gravel patches. The perimeters have trees of various dimensions, the tallest one being over 20 meters tall. There are no remarkable heights, and the altitude is constant. The inner parklands province has a pond, it being the biggest known body of water within New Massa's territories.


The Archipelago lies about 80 km off the coast of Tunisia, and it comprises a major island, the only one inhabited and with an accessible port, and it has the maximum altitude of about 390 meters above sea level, making it the highest point in New Massa.

The Major island of Galite has rocky shores/gravelly shores and has a luxuriant vegetation in the inland, developing in promontories on the sea. The typical mediterranean climate and flora characterize the inside, being a hilly grassland with tree patches.

The archipelago claimed (Arcipelago di Gallì)

The rest of the islands comprise Gallittone, Faucella, Gallittone Est (also known as Gallittone Orientale) and are smaller rocky islets with green patches in the inland, except for the last one mentioned, it having no vegetation. Faucella has a characteristic isthmus of sand that connects it to another rock, called Istmo Faucellese.

The minister of the Environment conducted a survey in August 2022, in which there possibly exist a water stream in southwestern Gallì[4]

The citizenship and passport

The law of New Massa permits to obtain the citizenship in 5 ways:

  • Having both or at least one parent with Neomassese origins (abolished with the law n.4 of 2020)
  • Having both or at least one parent with the Neomassese passport or citizenship;
  • By paying a tax of 11 ꟽ ( €10 )
  • Having a Neomassese honor;
  • By owning the license to practice a profession in New Massa for more than 12 months.


The passport can be obtained automatically after getting the Neomassese citizenship by paying a small price.

The law n.2 of 2020 declared that the passport can be obtained by paying a fee of 30ꟽ.



Number Name Notes
1 Centrale Connects Nuova Massa to Nuovo Parco.
2 Gallì Connects the docks, the inner mounts, the northern and southern coast.

Car Regulation

According to a 2022 law regarding transportations, cars were required to hinge, over the Italian license plate, the newly designed Neomassese license plate.

Only two license plates were ever issued, none of those being a civilian car, but a military and presidential car.

Presidential Car

The President of New Massa had its own government car, which has changed during the course of 8 years.

  1. Citroën C4 (2004) Coupè, registered as A0 01, serving from 2015 to 2020
  2. Opel Corsa E (2022), with the same registration, serving from 2020 to 2023

The Opeal Corsa was chosen to be electric as the government's decision to stop CO2 emissions.

Neomassese License Plate.

Galite islands

Galite islands are an archipelago of islands off the Tunisian Coast which count 18 inhabitants (as of 2022) located in the southern Mediterranean sea. They have a functioning port.

These islands have been annexed and claimed on February 8, 2022, through the declaration emitted by the President and hence made provinces.

List of islands:

  • La Galite - inhabitants:[5] 14
  • Galiton (Gallittone) - inhabitants: 4
  • La Fauchelle (La Faucella) - inhabitants: 0
  • Galiton de l'est (Gallittone est), 4 separate rocks - inhabitants: 0

Federal Subdivisions

New Massa has a total of 18 provinces/districts:

New Massa Center (Metropolitan Area) Subdivisions and flags:

Flag Name
District of Culture
Province of the Window
Province of the Hall
Territory of the Closet
Southern Bed
Northern Bed
Capital District
Left Desk District
Federal Subdivisions of the archipelago of Gallì

New Parco federal subdividisions:

Flag Name
Gate District
Road District
Parkings Province
Northern Parkings

and Zebra Crossing


Northern Parklands
Southern Parklands
Inner Parklands

New Parco was annexed through the President's declaration on April 7, 2016.

Federal Subdivisions of the archipelago of Gallì:

Flag Name
La Galite
Gallittone Est
The New Main Region of New Massa, Nuovo Parco. This New Region was annexed April 7, 2016.
The federal divisions of Metropolitan New Massa

National Holidays

Date Holiday Notes
15 December Independence Day

"Festa Nazionale dell'Indipendenza"

The day when New Massa was founded
20 January Founder's Day

"Giorno Del Fondatore"

The day in honor of the founder of New Massa, Gianmarco.
1 July Taxfree Day"Giornata Esentasse"(Abolished in August 2022) The day where the citizens don't have to pay the daily taxes.
29 February Four Year Holiday

"Festa dei Quattr'anni"

This holiday is celebrated every 4 years.
15 November Industry Day"Giornata delle Industrie"(Abolished in August 2022) This day every industry has to double its production and aument by 25 ꟽ the salary
1 October Sain Patron (S. Gianmarco)

"Santo Patrono"

This day every activity and service is suspended.


New Massa offers many ways to pay the taxes.

  • 1 ꟽ per day
  • 7 ꟽ per week
  • 28-31 ꟽ per month
  • 365 ꟽ per year

The only currency accepted to pay taxes is the Mark and the taxes must be recapitated at the provincial taxation office.

According to the Gran Codice Civile e Penale (2016) tax evaders, frauders and those who refuse to pay taxes are condemned with a 1–year long exile, or if not posdible a 1–year jail or 1–year social services.

The citizen can halve the cost of taxes by paying an annual subscription to the government of 300 ꟽ (Abolished by the law n.3 of 2021)

Law Enforcement

The Republic of Italy mostly contributes to the protection of New Massa, although New Massa has a Gendarmerie service.

The Gendarmerie has been established on the day after the foundation, and (as of January 2023) it comprises 16 workers.

It has five companies.

1° Compagnia "Avenza"

Comprises 2 Privates and 1 Official, regular company.

2ª Compagnia Montana "Tambura"

Established in 2018, specialized in mountainous environments, comprised 3 privates and 1 official.

3ª Compagnia d'Acqua "Frigido"

Established in 2021, specialized in river and lake operations, comprised 2 privates and 2 officials.

4ª Compagnia "Fucilieri dell'Ulivo"

Elite Company established in 2018, comprised 3 privates and 1 official. Specialized in military tactics and highly trained.

5a Compagnia "Trombettisti del Brugiano"

Company created in 2016, comprised two trumpeteers, which are able to play the anthem.

Foreign Relations

Mutual Recognition of the Republic of Pinang, December 26, 2021.


New Massa Recognizes as a sovereign nation the following territories:


Seriousness score

3.80 Is the score of seriousenss of New Massa on the Scale of Hamilton, rank: 15.


New Massa offers 5 honors (as dec. 19, 2019)

To obtain the following honors, you must:

  • Do a heroic action to New Massa;
  • Being a loyal citizen for more than ​2 12 years;
  • Being a democratic citizen, that follows the real ideals of New Massa.
Image Name Name in Italian
Order of Merit of New Massa Ordine del Merito di Nuova Massa
Order of Saint Gianmarco Ordine di San Gianmcarco
(Flag that symbolizes the honor)
Medal to Heroism Medaglia all'eroismo
Honor to gendarmerie service Onore al servizio in gendarmeria

See also


  1. According to the 2015 Constitution, declaration n.1, de iure
  2. 2015 Constitution, law n. 1 2015, regulation of banner, anthem and motto.
  3. Ministry of Economy, survey n.3, November 2019 -- Ministero dell'Econonomia, sondaggio n.3, Novembre 2019
  4. Existance unsure. The survey consisted of scanning the internet and obtaining photographs of the island. The limited presence of the archipelago on the internet couldn't allow further research. The existance of the stream is debatable (Declaration n.4 of the Ministero dell'Ambiente, 5 August 2022)
  5. Estimates of a 2022 survey, uncertain.