Gendarmerie of New Massa

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Gendarmerie Of New Massa
Gendarmeria di Nuova Massa (Italian)
8 years (15/12/2015 - 20/02/2023)
Flag of Gendarmeria
Standard of the Gendarmeria
Coat of arms of Gendarmeria
Coat of arms
Motto: Forza, Valore, Patria
Strength, Valor, Motherland
MilitaryNew Massa
• Primo Generale
Driving sideleft

The Free Republic of New Massa has a service of law enorcement, the Gendarmerie (It: Gendarmeria), which is a military police operating inside the Micronation. It had important roles throughout New Massa's history to keep order and enforce laws.

You can have an honor by being a loyal Gendarm. (Medaglia al servizio in Gendarmeria).

It comprises 17 workers (December 2022).


When New Massa was founded, one day after its independence, the president Gianmarco established the Gendarmerie, becoming the General, for the whole duration of the republic (2015–2023).

The 2018 Reforms

In 2018, from the Premier's initiative, a new ranking system was created, along with a reinforced bureaucratic structure.

Two new companies were created to facilitate control, and the introduction of an Elite Riflemen and Mountaineer Companies allowed better and more specialized defense.

The 2023 Crisis and the dissolution

In February–March 2023, there has been a forced coup against the centrist president Filiberto Arpioni, and the Gendarmerie fought its first real disorder. New Massa dissolved shortly afterwards, and with it the Gendarmerie.


1° Compagnia "Avenza"

Comprises 2 Privates and 1 Official, regular company.

An ordinary Gendarmerie company, which was regularly active. The three Gendarms have in dotation a Novritsch SSP2 Airsoft pistol, bought with the incomes generated by the internal economy and spent by the will of the Chamber. Distinctive: none, normal gray shoulderpads.

2ª Compagnia Montana "Tambura"

Established in 2018, specialized in mountainous environments, comprised 3 privates and 1 official.

Created after the 2018 reforms, trained to operate in mountainous environments. The four Gendarms have in dotaiton a LT595 Airsoft Rifle, they have a dark green strip on the shoulder pad for distinction purposes.

3ª Compagnia d'Acqua "Frigido"

Established in 2021, specialized in river and lake operations, comprised 2 privates and 2 officials.

Company trained to operate in water, mainly in rivers. The declared port should be located in Galite, even though there is no military presence on the dominion. The only boat that flew the Neomassese Naval Ensign was sold in 2022. The four Gendarms are equipped with the LT595 Airsoft Rifle, and their shoulder pads have a navy blue strip for distinction.

4ª Compagnia "Fucilieri dell'Ulivo"

Elite Company established in 2018, comprised 3 privates and 1 official. Specialized in military tactics and highly trained.

The company serves during emergency situation and does not operate for law enforcement, it being a separate branch on its own. They are equipped with specialized accessories and with the LT595 Airsoft Rifle with a scope and to enter the company, there are physical requirements (Height, Weight, Waist).

5a Compagnia "Trombettisti del Brugiano"

Company created in 2016, comprised two trumpeteers, which were able to play the anthem.

Consists of two Privates and one Official, and are active during ceremonies, having an important role to keep during them. They have no weapons equipped other than a Swiss Knife for various utilities and those who apply are required to have a musical knowledge. The requests are:

  • Having experience with a trumpet or a trombone;
  • Knowing the musical sheet of the national anthem by heart.

The company has always played together, with a trio of trumpeteers.

Part of the anthem recorder with a phone during summer of 2016, during a celebraiton/parade.


Shoulder Pads representing each grade.
Ranks Table
Rank official name Rank name (English)
Soldato Private
Comandante di Reggimento Commander of a Regiment
Capitano Captain
Generale General


Number Event Date Notes
1 Occupation of Nuovo Parco April 8, 2016 Occupation and annexation of the province of Nuovo Parco by sending two Gendarms.
2 2018 Crisis June 2018 The company Fucilieri dell'Ulivo sent to bring back order after an attempted Socialist coup.
3 2023 Civil War 15-20 January 2023 Deployment of every company, by order of General Ionio, as an ettempt to restore order

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