Jan Aurelius I.

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His brightest majesty, Prince Jan Aurelius I also called the Only
Prince of Snowy Plains
Assumed office
7. November 2018
The leader of the armed militia of the Snowy Plains
Assumed office
8. November 2018
Personal information
Born 2002
Citizenship Czech, Snowy plains
Nationality Czech

Jan Aurelius I. is the ruler of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains. He became a member of his office at the time of independence. At the same time he is a diplomat of the Snowy plains, the only representative of the judiciary and legislative power. In the event of an emergency, he may choose a temporary representative, otherwise he is a lifetime holder of the title of the Prince of Snowy Plains.


He represents the post of diplomat, a representative of the judiciary, a representative of the legislature, is the leader of the Armed Militia, and as the only one he can receive citizenship, which he has the right to cancel at any time.