Snowy plains

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Sovereign Principality of Snowy plains


,,Zrozeni ze svobody, kterou ctí"
Oliver Heldens - Melody
Capital city province Snowy plains
Official language(s) official: Czech
Demonym Snowy plains
Government Absolute monarchy
Legislature Office of His Majesty
Established 7. November 2018
Area claimed 4,7 km²
Population 12
Currency Czech koruna (CZK)
Time zone GMT+1
National drink S.Pellegrino

Snowy plains are a newly created state. In November 2018, Prince Jan Aurelius I. declared independence on a territory of approximately 2.1 square kilometers. It is divided into two provinces: the Western Province and the Eastern Province. Individual provinces do not have their own government and are dependent on the decision of Prince Aurelius. The state aims to defend its citizens and protect their freedoms from excessive bureaucracy. Confusion is the state establishment of the Absolute Monarchy, but it was chosen because it was not for the sovereign to make complete legislation. This state system guarantees dexterity and constant control of the principality.


The country is divided into two provinces - the Western Province and the Eastern Province. Shortly after the declaration of independence, the provincial area of Sněžné Pláně, with an area of 36 square meters, was located in the village of Horní Štěpánov in the territory of the Czech Republic. The government is fully centralized and all these parts of the administration division are subject to the direct government of the sovereign, currently the prince Jan Aurelius I. No other administrative division is official.


East province
West province

Each province has its own flag, except for the former province of Snowy Plain, which copied the flag of the Sovereign Principality. Flags of other provinces are derived from this standard. The exception was the flag of the former Snowy Plain, which was identical with the flag of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plain.

Foreign relations

The Office of its brightest superiority is open to the establishment of foreign relations. His brightest majesty has established official relations, for example, with the Gymnasium State , most recently the Treaty with the State of Mirador. Informal relations are maintained with all OSM member states, or, for example, with Molossia.

International diplomacy is dedicated to the sovereign.



The Czech Crown (CZK) was temporarily elected. The ruler plans to put his own coins and his own banknotes into circulation, but for the time being, the state is not standing firmly on their feet. The banknotes will be motifs of national symbols, especially Border Saints bridges. The coins will probably be made of copper. At present, an investor is looking for financing a new currency. Creating a new currency will be entrusted to the Minister of Finance, who is waiting for his official appointment.

National symbols


Among the state symbols are the Flag of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains, the Hymn of the Supreme Principality of Snowy Plains, Border Bridges (the bridge next to the Eastern Province and the bridge next to the West Province), the Motto and the National Tree - Quince tree.


The nature of the landscape is typical of temperate climate zones. The area is grassed, there are several trees. There is only one building here in the past, belonging to the Slovak Railways. At present, there is no documentation according to the cadastral map to the building, nor is the current owner known. The building is in a very poor condition and it complicates its further use.

Planned reclamation

At present, the reclamation of the area is being considered. There were several landfills representing the Sovereign Principality in the bad light. The Prince pledged to reclaim the Snowy Plains, but probably the work in the Eastern Province would begin.

Coming to the provinces

The western province is accessible via the track along the tracks. The Eastern province is, however, surrounded by inaccessible ramparts and is currently planning to set up a convenient coming road.