Eastern Province (Snowy Plains)

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Autumn in the Eastern province

The Eastern Province is one of two provinces of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains. It does not have its own self-government and is dependent on the sovereign. Historically and currently, it is the largest province, located near the Old Town district, Papraďe. Besides the principality, they run the dormitories owned by the Slovak Republic. There are no buildings here and the whole territory is more or less neglected. This fact is pledged to solve the ruler of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains - His brightest majesty, Prince Jan Aurelius I., who pledged to reclaim the entire province. There is a poor access to the area - the prince also undertook to improve.

The territory has been the subject of a dispute with the Czechoslovak Government when the surrounding area was avoided by an annex. The situation is covered by three parts of the First Territorial Decree.

The importance of the province

The Eastern province has now become the centerpiece of the interest of the Office of its brightest superiority. The location of the province and the area of the claimed territory have helped. In the future, the government of the Sovereign Principality is to be moved here, and it has been declared the capital city today.

Papradský viadukt

Papradský viadukt

The closest building, located near the eastern province, is the Papradský viadukt, also known as the Žandárský Bridge. It is located a few dozen meters from the borders of the Sovereign Headland. It is a 253-meter-long and 27-meter tall dominant of Stará Turá. The ruler considers this building to be a gem, orally decided to protect this monument, even if it is not in the territory of the Principality of Snowy Plain, and the Office of its brightest highness does not make any claim to it. Also, the proposal to adjudge the surrounding soil has fallen, but since the surrounding fields are owned by private individuals and the Slovak Republic, only a small part of the parcel has been dropped since that step. However, the area is still on the list of places where the sovereign dynasty might expand, although it will certainly not happen in the near future. Within a few years, no territorial claim is planned.

World War II

Papradský viadukt was severely damaged by retreating Germans at the end of World War II. The first pillar away from Myjava was definitely damaged, so part of the bridge collapsed. The steel structure was also severely damaged, so the bridge was largely rebuilt.