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República de Mirador
Mirador Republicæ (Latin)

Escudo Mirador.png
Coat of arms

Fede, Patriæ, Honorem, ani sexus

Miradorian claims in dark green
Capital citySantiago de Mirador (formerly Vertena)
Official language(s)Español,English,Latin,Naʼvi
Official religion(s)Scientology
GovernmentGay one-party republic under a totalitarian dictatorship
- Guinea Pig KingLuis Colón
Established15 Septober 4567
Time zoneUTC-4
National animalGuinea Pig
Patron saintSt. Benito

Mirador, officially the Republic of Mi, is a micronation founded in the year 2015. It is landlocked within the island of Puerto Rico. Its current President/incel lord is known as Luis Colón. Mirador seceded the United States and Puerto Rico, since Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, due to the dissatisfaction the President had with the colonial government.


Founded in 2015, the Republic of Mi, officially República de Mirador, is a microstate led by the Guinea Pig King (also known as "The Guinea Pig fucker"), Luis Colón. This nation is often known as "The Mandalorian" in english. Citizens are often referred to as "Mandaloreños". In the beginning, there were several issues regarding its sovereignty. Issues that eventually faded. In 2016 Mirador probably went to war with the now non-existent Kingdom of Dragonia. The war lasted two. Mirador lost such war, known as Mirador-Dragonia war in Mirador. As a result, Mirador obtained Dragonia's territory. Nowadays, Mirador is in peace. It does not appear to be interested in conflict for now.

Government and politics

The government of Mirador is probably a one-party totalitarian state. Its official political party supposedly is the Falange Miradoreña (English: Miradorian Falange). All ministers are appointed by The Guinea Pig King, the Head of State. In Tuesday July 30,2019, the Office of the Civil Representative (the Office of the Civil Representative) was established. This office is occupied by a representative elected by the people of Mirador. The Civil Representative works as an adviser for the President of Mirador, giving him suggestions and telling him the needs and worries of the people of Mirador. During his time in office, he became a very bored and sinful dictator. He usually would spend spends his time chocking on dick as he listens to the Black Eyed Peas. His country was invaded by "The JP Nation" on the cold summer evening of 2067. He conquered the entire micronation with nothing more than a wooden spoon and testosterone. The self proclaimed Guinea Pig King coward as his micronation fell to the ground.

On 2070, The Guinea Pig King became known by the people as "JP's Bitch" (Or John Paul's Bitch)

Ministries and Ministers of Mirador

  • Ministerio de Defensa - Jay Fonseca
  • Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores - Ronaldo Maldonado
  • Ministerio de Interior - Joel Castro
  • Ministerio de Propaganda - David Pallejà
  • Ministerio de Comercio e Industria- Eustaquio Hortensio Chamarria
  • Ministerio de Justicia- César Augusto Vázquez Muñiz
  • Ministerio de Economía- JunioL
  • Ministerio de Educación- Héctor Camacho
  • Ministerio de Agricultura- Roberto Clemente
  • Ministerio de Informática- Benicio del Toro
  • Ministerio de Comunicaciones y Tecnología - Ignacio Colón
  • Representante Civil- Wisin Xavier Rodriguez


The Mirador Armed Forces currently counts with a force of three individuals, although that number is expected to grow in the future, as they reproduce asexually through photosynthesis.

Stances on Women

They won't talk to me :( I'm very lonely

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to fuck

Internal Policies (WARNING: GAMERS ONLY)

  • Before entering the Gratuitous Nation you have to take off your socks.
  • I swear its not for kinky shit.
  • Women will not be accepted unless they come from the second dimension.
  • The only anime that is accepted is BTS.
  • Every Friday they must provide me with 4 heads of infants. These will be placed on the altar as offerings to the god Agueybana.
  • Cupcakes are acceptable.
  • We must leave at 8 in the afternoon. (Mom won't allow me to be awake at that time).
  • Do not laugh at me.

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