Kuhugi Militia Forces

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Kuhugi Militia Forces

Current KMF flag
Motto: Securing and Protecting
Established July 2011
March none
Country Republic of Kuhugstan
Nicknames None
Branches Kuhugi Militia Army
Kuhugi Militia Navy
Kuhugi Militia Air-Force
Previous Engagements Canadian Wars
Commander Max Kasbar
General information
Headquarters Kasbarpolis
Active personnel 1

The Kuhugi Militia Forces, abbreviated KMF, is the current military of the Republic of Kuhugstan. The purpose of the KMF is strictly defensive (unless something unexpected happens). The Commander-in-Chief is the Prime Minister of Kuhugstan.

Branches of the Kuhugi Militia Forces

Kuhugi Militia Army

Kuhugi Militia Navy