St. Francis Republic

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Republic of St. Francis
St. Francis Flag.jpg

Republic (Kuhugstan)
Motto: "We are the best"
Minecraft (Offline)
FoundedJanuary 14th, 2012
PopulationNo census yet
Governmentautonomous republic
PremierMax Kasbar
Note: Population includes only number of people who live within St. Francisan territory.

The Republic of St. Francis is an autonomous entity of Kuhugstan in an offline Minecraft game. It is known for being the most populous territory in the entire Republic of Kuhugstan.


The St. Francis Republic was founded on January 14, 2012.


The land of St. Francis can be varied in geography, with countless, but not a lot, of rivers & lakes/ponds. It also has a desert belt stretching from one side of the republic to another; It also has a large forest in the south (it has yet to be organized into national parks, preserves & logging districts.


St. Francis has two villages


Lakeside is the principal village & the capital of St. Francis. The two main attractions are National Mining Agency #1 (A mine) & the Government Office


Kwilurba is the Kuhugi word for Green City.


There are potential sites for mining, logging & water-collecting. The National Mining Agency has its headquaters at Lakeside