Rascal of Kuhugstan

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Rascal in December 2011
Personal information
Born N/A
Spokane County, Washington, United States
Birth name Rascal
Citizenship Kuhugi
Nationality Feline-Kuhugi
Ethnicity Feline
Political party Kuhugi Feline Nationalist Party
Occupation President of Kuhugstan
Religion none
Nickname(s) Kitten

Rascal, better known as Kitten, is a politician in Kuhugstan, and the founder of the Kuhugi Feline Nationalist Party.

Political Views

Like Leroy Santiago, he is the leader of animal rights in Kuhugstan. Also like Leroy Santiago, he is a follower of Feline Nationalism

Republic of Kuhugstan.png
Republic of Kuhugstan.png