Joint Colony of Cascadia

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Joint Colony of Cascadia
(Kuhugi) Táre Kumáya di Kaskadia
Flag of Cascadia.png
no map of the colony, but look up the area between McAlester Lake & Washington Pass

Capital Fireweed Horse (Arboth), Hidden Meadows (Kuhugstan)
Official language(s) English, Kuhugi
Leaders Government of Kuhugstan
Arbothian Government
Foundation August 5, 2011

The Joint Colony of Cascadia is a joint colony in the north Cascade Mountains ruled by both Kuhugstan & Arboth. The colony came about because both micronations wanted the colony.

Administrative divisions

There are two special administrative zones in the joint colony:

Arbothian Special Administrative Zone (ASAZ)

The northern side of the colony, it is made up of the the area of the North Cascades National Park; that is in Chelan County.

Kuhugi Special Administrative Zone (KSAZ)

The southern side of the colony, it is made up of the entire Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

Republic of Kuhugstan.png