Micronational Space Agency

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Micronational Space Agency
Official logo

Headquarters Facebook Group

Official language English

Membership 22


Daniel Morris
Vice Secretary-General Barnaby Hands
Alex Ulbricht

Foundation July 17, 2011
Websites Official Facebook Group

The Micronational Space Agency is a micronational organisation founded after a conversation between John Gordon and Barnaby Hands.


Flag Nation Space Agency Date Joined Notes
Hindu flag Aryavart Empire Vedic Space Research Organisation 23 December 2011
Atlantis.flag.png Republic of Atlantis Atlantis Space Agency 17 July 2011
Kingdom of Broughtopia BSAA 25 July 2011
CR Dallingrad.png Soviet Socialist Republic of Dallingrad DSA 17 July 2011
HandsProjectionFlagofDian.png Aspergic Empire of Dian Overseen by the Senyan and Erephisian space agencies 18 July 2011
Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia FEIoS 17 July 2011
Flatlandflg.png Federal Republic of Flatland FASP 17 July 2011
Republic of Kuhugstan.png Republic of Kuhugstan KASE 17 July 2011
Flag Of Lbp.gif Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros LAA 17 July 2011
Mandania.jpg People's Republic of Mandania N/A 17 July 2011 Are in 5 day honeymoon period
NewNorthernRepublicFlag.png Northern Republic NRASE 17 July 2011
Pambia.png People's Republic of Pambia PRPSA 17 July 2011
Preisserflag1.png Unified Republic of Preissland SSA 17 July 2011 Co-founders. John Gordon holds position as SG
Republic of Secundomia SAASA (Secundomian Aeronautics and Space Agency 9 August 2011
Senyaflag.png Democratic Environmental Society of Senya DESSA 17 July 2011 Co-founders. Barnaby Hands holds VSG Position.
Flag of Skyland.jpg Imperium of Skyland SSEC 17 July 2011
DPRT.png Democratic People's Republic of Tiana Handled by RZSA 17 July 2011 TPP liaison office with RZSA
Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya Ministry of Air and Space 17 July 2011
Uslssrflag.png Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics Space Program of the USLSSR 17 July 2011 Alex Ulbricht holds VSG position
Zealandian flag.png Kingdom of Zealandia Royal Zealandian Space Agency 17 July 2011 Also Handles Tianan Space Activity via a TPP Liaison Office
Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad Drakenhelm Academy 17 July 2011
Caladonian_Flag.png Republic of Caladonia Caladonian National Space Agency (CNSA) 21 February 2012