Kuhugi National Broadcasting Agency

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Kuhugi National Broadcasting Agency
Type: Government-owned Corporation
Genre: Kuhugi Public Broadcasting Service
Founded July 9, 2011
Founders: Kuhugi Government
Headquarters: Kasbarpolis, Kuhugstan
Channels Available: Max Kasbar Productions

The Kuhugi National Broadcasting Agency is a YouTube/Wordpress/Pandora Radio-based public service broadcaster of the Republic of Kuhugstan. It operates broadcasting on the internet, which makes it available to all micronations of the world.

The KNBA currently broadcasts these/the following program(s):"Kuhugstan Tours". Also, the TV crew of KNBA films speeches, funny videos, etc.


The Kuhugi National Broadcasting Agency was founded on July 9, 2011.

Proposed channels

Currently, KNBA broadcasts only one channel but there are plans of expanding the selection of programs - until then, KNBA shows only videos.