Virtual Micronational Soccer Association

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Virtual Micronational Soccer Association
Type: Simulated Football Organisation
Headquarters: Undefined
Official Languages: Those of its member nations
Membership: 19
Establishment: Aug 2011
Website: none
Colours: Red and Blue
Charter: none
Founder: Grand Duchy of NAPI
Secretary General: none

The Virtual Micronational Soccer Association or VSMA, is one of the governing bodies of virtual football in the micronational community. It is also a simulated football organisation for micronations. The association has since folded.

How it works

The games are simulated so all games use a dice. The Home team gets the even numbers(except six) and the Away team gets the odd numbers(except 5). The dice is rolled 2 times for each team. If it lands on an even number, a goal is scored for the home team. However, If the dice lands on an odd number, a goal is scored for the away team. If the dice lands on 5 or 6, no goal is scored. After 4 rolls, the game is over. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.


Virtual Micronational Premier League

Virtual Micronational Championship

Virtual Micronational League 1





Virtual Micronational Premier League
6 clubs - 1 relegation


Virtual Micronational Championship
6 clubs - 1 promotion, 1 relegation


Virtual Micronational League 1
7 clubs - 1 promotion

Domestic Cups


Micronation Cup

Member nations

- Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands (VMPL)

- Kingdom of Carvadia (VMPL)

- Dictatorship of Leoducia (VMPL)

- Victoria Federation (VMPL)

- Heraldry of Pozniakstan (VMPL)

- Barony of Beronu (VMPL)

- Thantias (VMC)

- Agnorr (VMC)

- We'enreloux (VMC)

- DR Livingston (VMC)

- New Britanica (VMC)

- Thaegia (VMC)

- SS Benerduke (VML1)

- Jordanium (VML1)

- United Republic of Jubanze (VML1)

- Christomnia (VML1)

- Rarofistan (VML1)

- Kingdom of Carvadia B (VML1)

- Teinazia (VML1)

How to Sign Up

Non Member nations should sign up on the thread on the forum, or on the VMSA talk page.