Micronation Cup

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Micronation Cup
FoundedOct 2011
Number of teams2
Levels on pyramid1-3
Promotion toNone
Relegation toNone
Current championsTBD
(2011 MC Cup 1)

The Micronational Cup or MC, is a virtual micronational cup that is a one game tournament, which means the winner of the VMPL plays the winner of the VMSA Cup. It is part of the Virtual Micronational Soccer Association. All matches are simulated. The league's inaugural season will start after the end of the VMSA Cup and VMPL.

How it works

The games are simulated so all games use a dice. The Home team gets the even numbers(except six) and the Away team gets the odd numbers(except 5). The dice is rolled 2 times for each team. If it lands on an even number, a goal is scored for the home team. However, If the dice lands on an odd number, a goal is scored for the away team. If the dice lands on 5 or 6, no goal is scored. After 4 rolls, the game is over. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.

Cup Seasons

Season Matches TBD