Micronational Premier League

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Micronational Premier League
FoundedOct 2011
Number of teams5
Levels on pyramid1
Promotion toNone
Relegation toNone
Current championsTBD
(MPL Season 1)

The Micronational Premier League (MPL) is a virtual micronational soccer league that is a round robin tournament, which means that every team plays every other team.. All matches are simulated. The league is a first of its kind due to it's special formatting. The first season will start on January 2 so sign up today!

How it Works


The games are simulated on FIFA 12 by the league's organisers, with a style similar to Micras. Look up FMF World Cup for more info on the gameplay.


Each team is given a transfer budget based on the popularity of the micronation that they are from. They use it to buy players who they think will be good signings. This brings a more realistic feel to the league. There are Transfer Windows during the year, similar to the real footballing world. This league is the first ever to introduce this principle.

Member Teams

FC Livingston(Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands)

Carvadian Kixx(Kingdom of Carvadia)

The Republican Roadrunners(St. Peter's Republic)

Agnorr Wanderers FC(Agnorr)

Freedomian Firebirds(Freedomia)


All competing nations for each tournament are required to name a squad of players. Each squad is consisted of at least 11 players, and at least one goalkeeper.


MPL Season 1

First Game starts January 2.

Name of Nation GP GD PTS
FC Livingston 0 0 0
Carvadian Kixx 0 0 0
The Republican Roadrunners 0 0 0
Agnorr Wanderers FC 0 0 0
Freedomian Firebirds 0 0 0


GD means Goal Difference

N1 means negative one

1 means positive one

GP means Games Played

PTS means points