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Remland, officialy The Parlimetray Republic of Remland, is an entity that fits all the de facto requirements of the 1933 Montevideo Convention, but is commonly refered as a micronation by outside observers. It is entirely surrounded by the United States, making it an enclave country like San Marino and Vatican City. Remland is a parlimentary republic, in that the entiriety of the executative brach is controlled by a central parliment.

The Parlimentary Republic of Remland

pro populo, a populo (for the people, by the people)
Inno Nazionale della Repubblica
A map of Remland's main territorial claims
Capital citySt. Gertrude
Largest cityNorthern Remland
Official language(s)English
GovernmentParlimentary Republic
LegislatureRemainian National Parliment
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedApril 23, 2018
Area claimed224m²
CurrencyUS Dollar, Valorem
National animalMocking Bird
Remalnd is a member of the Union Against Micronational War


The name Remland originates with the latin word for republic, rem, combined with the suffix land, to form a literal translation of, Republic Land or Land of the Republic


Early History

Remland was founded on April 23, 2018. Soon after its founding, the First Temporary National Parliment was put into power to act as the ruling body until a permenent ruling body could be established, that ruling body came a day latter with the establishment of the Remainian National Parliment. Elections for the parlimentary seats were held and the First Temporary National Parliment was officialy abolished on April 24, 2018 ending its 23 hour reign.

On June 29, 2018 legislation was ratified that would anex a small territory near to the Remainian mainland with the intent of territorial and economic expantion, as the territory in question contained a gravel deposite. This territory would later become the Organized External Territoy. It soon gained status as an semi-autonomous region, with any future settlements having the right to partial self rule.


The executative, judicial, and legislative branches of the Remainian government is controlled by the Remainian Parliment, witch has a total of 12 seats, with each administative division electing 5 of the members, and each autonomous regions electing 2 each via direct democratic elections. An unspecified amount of elected representatives are also voted in by the people as representation in legislation and governmental activities. The Remland has a celtralist government, with all legal athority being derived from the central government.


For a bill to be passed, a hearing must be conviened in were the National Parliment, a group of elected representatives, and a group of civilian overseers must be present. The Parliment puts forward the bill and the representatives and civilian overseers are given a 3 hour period to make changes to fit the desires of the people. The reformed bill is then voted on by all three bodies. 3/10 memebers of parliment, 60% of the representatives, and 63% of the civilian overseers must all vote yes in order for the bill to be passed. If the vote failed, the bill can be either dismissed or further reformed in order to fit the wants of the people.

External Diplomacy

Remland does engage in most foreign diplomacy, due to not having many means of external communications with any external states, micro or macro in nature. It is though a memeber state of the Union Against Micronational War for the purpose of having at least some dimplomatic relations with other micronations. Remland is staunchly neutral, prefering to remain univolved in most major conflicts.

External Territorries

Flag of the Organized External Territory

Currently, Remland has a single external territory, the Organized External Territory (OET). The OET currently has no infrastructure, permenant population, or structures of any kind. The possession of the OET is in the ecenomic interest of Remland, as a gravel deposite lies within its borders, which would allow for a small mining industry to be established. It is classified as an semi autonomous region, whith a independent government to be established once it gains a permanent population.


The Remainian Economy is extremely underdeveloped with service being the sole industry within the country, but a small mining industry could exist as a gravel deposite lies within Remainian territory. Remalnd has its own currency, the Valorem, established under the Treasury and Currency Act. The Valorem is used along side the US Dollar for financial tranactions, with most trasactions involving the Valorem occuring digitaly.