Remainian Valorem

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Official users The Parlimentary Republic of Remland
Pegged to $0.01 USD
Code RVC
Plural Valorems
Sub-unit None
Coins ℣½, ℣1, ℣2
Banknotes ℣50, ℣100, ℣500, ℣1,000
Central bank Remainian National Treasury
Printer Remainian National Treasury

The Valorem (sign: ℣; code: RVC) is the official currency of Remland. It was created on 4 April 2018 as result of the Treasury and Currency Act. The maximum amount allowed in circulation equates to the amount of US Dollars in reserve, with a 0.001% to 0.01% monthly inflation rate being allowed, but not manditory.


The word Valorem is a direct translation of the world value to latin.


All banknotes of the Remainian Valorem are single-sided, due to limited priting capabilities.

Picture Value USD Exchange Rate
50i.PNG ℣50 $0.50
100i.PNG ℣100 $1.00
500i.PNG ℣500 $5.00
1000i.PNG ℣1,000 $10.00


While very crude, Valorem coins are currently in circulation, with denominations of ℣½, ℣1, and ℣2. The amount of coinage in circulation is limited due to the coins needing to be manually manufatured. Currently, no means of advanced minting are available.