Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali

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Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali
IRiphabhulikhi iKwaZulu-Natali(Zulu)
Flag of Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali IRiphabhulikhi iKwaZulu-Natali(Zulu)
Coat of arms of Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali IRiphabhulikhi iKwaZulu-Natali(Zulu)
Coat of arms
Motto: Ubunye ngokuhlukahluka (Zulu) (English:Unity in diversity)
Anthem: Sizwe Esithandekayo (English:Dear Nation)
Largest cityDurban
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
90% Zulu
7.4% Asians
4.2% Whites (European)
7% Nguni people
3% Others
Folk religion (9.55%) , Christianity (8.00%) , Buddhism (1.5%) , Others
Demonym(s)IKwaZulu-Natalian , Natalian , Kwazuluan
GovernmentFederal Presidential republic
• President
Allison Chen
• Vice President
Chris Ndlela
LegislatureLegislative Building
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Natal Province
31 May 1910
• Declaration of Independence
5 June 1955
• South African Invasion of IKwaZulu-Natali
June 1, 1958
• Current Constitution
27 April 1994
• Total
94,361 km2 (36,433 sq mi)
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2013 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyIKwaZulu-Natalian irandi(IKR)
Time zoneUTC+2 SAST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideleft

IKwaZulu-Natali (Zulu):iKwaZulu-Natali officially the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali (Zulu):IRiphabhulikhi iKwaZulu-Natali, Is an African micronation in South Africa. The nation has 11 million people and it's area size is 94,361 km2.The nation borders Mozambique , South Africa , Lesotho and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). The country was established in 1955 due to Apartheid times in South Africa, Kagiso Ani and Maartin Krag did not like the idea of apartheid (means segregation in Afrikaans) Ani and Krag removed apartheid signs from beaches and public places and burned it in his backyard. The South African troops raided a few places in IKwaZulu-Natali due to not following the apartheid rules in 1960's. The capital was moved from Durban to AmGungundlovu due to South African troops raiding. Durban had a great economy in investment, IKwaZulu-Natali has its own currency (coins made out of tinfoil and gold foil), Its own army (reused tanks and jeeps), Its own airline (IKwaZulu-Natali Airlines), Its own navy (rafts and yachts) , Its own TV Channel (Channel) , Stamps , License plates , Film productions , Transit.


16 years after South Africa declare independence from the United Kingdom, An new law about segregation with Blacks and white was made. The idea of apartheid (means segregation in Afrikaans) to segregate white and blacks away. Kagiso Ani and Maartin Krag did not like the idea of the apartheid. The whites would get more great things and rich villas while the blacks remain poor and had bad quality items. Kagiso Ani and Maartin Krag decided to declare the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali. Ani became the president and Krag became the prime minister.

Apartheid sign at a beach in South Africa

They both teamed to remove apartheid signs and make apartheid areas available for black and whites and other races. An white police officer from Cape Town was in Durban while seeing that Ani removed apartheid signs and mix areas for black and whites and different races and toppling down South African Flags. The police officer went back to Cape Town and went to his house to call his friend who was an solider. The South African Army invaded the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali in 1958.

South African Invasion of IKwaZulu-Natali

South African Troops at the IKwaZulu-Natali-South Africa border

An police officer from Cape Town was at Durban until he saw Ani removing South African stuff and declaring the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali. He quickly travel back to Cape Town to call his friend who was an member of the South African Army. South African Troops raided IKwaZulu-Natali in 1958 and sending the South African Police Force to help. The IKwaZulu-Natalian army was sent to the IKwaZulu-Natalia-South Africa Border. The South African Troops raided Durban in 1963.

IKwaZulu-Natalian troops fighting the South African Army in Durban

Ani and Krag decided to move to capital to AmGungundlovu, Ani started the car and put Krag and Ani's wife and Ani's mother in the car and packed all stuff in the house and started driving to AmGungundlovu, His house was for sale and the South African Army raided Ani's house to find that he was not there. Ani rebuilt his house in AmGungundlovu and he built an new military base stationed near his home. In 1965 Ani died by cancer and Krag became the 2nd president of IKwaZulu-Natali. In 1975 South African Troops tried to raid AmGungundlovu but failed due to going the wrong way. After that the IKwaZulu-Natalian Presidential election was held, Ngoni Mbo won the presidential election making him the 3rd president of IKwaZulu-Natali. In 1979 South African Troops were stationed in Durban to track the president and an mass rioting by the Durban residents was held to get the troops out of the city.

Students protesting near the South African army base in Durban 1980

In 1980 an fence was built on the South Africa-IKwaZulu-Natali border, Durban and cities in IKwaZulu-Natali was a free zone for Whites and Non-Whites as people have free lives and Durban had an economic growth.

After the war

As more Blacks flood into the nation, IKwaZulu-Natali became an economic area in Africa. There are 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the nation which is iSimangaliso Wetland Park and uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park.


Durban is a rapidly growing urban area and is by most measures the busiest port in Africa. A good railway network links the city to other areas of Southern Africa. Sugar refining is Durban's main industry. Sheep, cattle, dairy,citrus fruits , corn , sorghum , cotton , bananas , and pineapples are also raised. There is an embryonic IKwaZulu-Natali wine industry. Other industries (located mainly in and around Durban) include textile, clothing, chemicals, rubber , fertilizer , paper, vehicle assembly and food-processing plants, tanneries, and oil refineries. There are large aluminium-smelting plants at Richards Bay, on the north coast. To the north,Newcastle is the nation's industrial powerhouse, with Mittal Steel South Africa (previously ISPAT/ISCOR) and the Karbochem synthetic rubber plant dominating the economy. In 2002, Newcastle became the largest producer of chrome chemicals in Africa with the completion of a chrome-chemical plant, a joint-venture project between Karbochem and German manufacturing giant Bayer. Other large operations include a diamond-cutting works, various heavy engineering concerns, the Natal Portland Cement (NPC) slagment cement factory, and the Newcastle Cogeneration Plant (old Ingagane Power Station). This was recommissioned as Africa's first gas-fired power station by Independent Power Southern Africa (IPSA), and it supplies the Karbochem Plant with electricity. The textile industry is a major employer in the Newcastle area, with over 100 factories belonging to ethnic Taiwanese and Chinese industrialists. Maize, livestock and dairy farmers operate on the outskirts of the city. Coal is also mined in the Newcastle area. The nation as a whole produces considerable amounts of coal (especially coke) and timber. Offshore mining of heavy mineral sands including minerals with a concentration of significant economic importance at several locations, such as rutile, ilmenite and zircon are threatening the marine ecology of IKwaZulu-Natali's coast, including the Tugela Banks; the fishing economy of the prawn and nurse fisheries are also threatened.


In Durban people mostly use the Metrorail or walk to the destination, Taxis and Minibus taxi are avaliable for everyone including tourist and locals. There is an Airport in Durban and other areas including the capial which the national airline is IKwaZulu-Natali Airlines. Highways are very great in IKwaZulu-Natali which connect around the country with tunnels , bridges , roads , etc.