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Allison Yan Chen
9th President of IKwaZulu-Natali
Assumed office
December 20, 2014
Vice President Chris Ndlela
Predecessor Thembo Njilo
7th Governor of Orange State
In office
November 13, 2011 - November 13, 2014
Predecessor Ify Nkosa
Successor Daniel Fitzgerald
5th IKwaZulu-Natalian Ambassador to Australia
In office
May 13, 2011 - July 13, 2011
President Thembo Njilo
Predecessor Karl van de Barren
Successor Mark Annas
Personal information
Born 11 July 1998 (1998-07-11) (age 25)
Ngoni-Lennersville,Orange State, IKwaZulu-Natali
Citizenship South African (until 2010), IKwaZulu-Natalian
Nationality IKwaZulu-Natalian
Political party Independent (before March 2010) , Democratic
Relations Warren Jansen (boyfriend)

Allison Yan Chen is an IKwaZulu-Natalian politician and served as 9th and current president of the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali. She is the sister of 7th president of the Republic of IKwaZulu-Natali named Michael Chen (born 1993). Chen is an Taiwanese-South African her name in Mandarin is (Traditional Chinese: 王彥臣 Simplified Chinese: 王彦臣 Wade-Giles: Wang Yen Ch'en Pinyin: Wang Yan Chen). She was born in Ngoni-Lennersville , Orange State in 1998, She studied Orange State Highschool and she ran for mayor of Orange State and won in 2011, She was 14 at the time as mayor. She graduated from Master Institute Technology in Boston , USA. She ran for president in 2014 and won the election making her the first woman president of IKwaZulu-Natali and the second Asian to become president of IKwaZulu-Natali after Michael Chen. She banned guns from schools in IKwaZulu-Natali and supports climate change. Allison Chen is one of the best presidents in IKwaZulu-Natali due to her supporting lower taxes and a few things. She speaks 3 languages which is English , Zulu and Afrikaans. She is left handed.

Personal life

Chen is left handed and is very great at golfing and great at IT. She enjoys spicy fried chicken. She is currently dating Warren Jansen.

Governor of Orange State 2011-2014

In 2011 Chen ran for governorship in Orange State (her home state), Orangers were impressed by her political views and she got more votes than Nkeni Laso and Chen won the nomination in 2011. She fixed the tax problem and fixed the traffic near her home in Orange State. In 2013 Chen announced that she would not run for a second term due to her running for president of IKwaZulu-Natali and which she endorsed Daniel Fitzgerald to become governor of Orange State.



In 2013 she made a speech in Orange State about her not serving 2nd term governorship due to her running for president, As the Democratic Convention comes in 2014 she addressed her ideas and was approved, 3 of the candidates was caught trying to ask her phone number in a video. An video was revealed and mocked 3 of the candidates because Fritz friend uploaded the video to the public. Allison Chen won the election in December 1, 2014 and became the first woman president of IKwaZulu-Natali

Awards and decoration

Orange State Helper (IKwaZulu-Natali) Awarded 2011