Republic of Shadesia

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Republic of Shadesia (EN)

Shadesia Flag.jpg
Flag of Shadesia
Shadesia Coat of Arms.jpg
Coat of Arms of Shadesia

"Our land. Our all."
Oh, Shadesia!
Capital city Shadesgrad
Largest city Shadesgrad
Official language(s) English
Demonym Shadesian
- President Nikola Jovanovic
Legislature Parliament
Established 5 July 2015
Area claimed 45km2
Population 44,971 (Fictional)
Currency Shadesian Dinar
Time zone CET
National sport Football
National animal Fish

Foreign Relations

Member of:

- United Micronations Flag.png United Micronations (Since 7 November 2015)

Formal Relations

Shadesian Passport

Principality of Hashima

Republic of Orleandia

Republic of Astaronia

Informal Relations

Free Socialist Republic of Humanytaria

Democratic Republic of Etruscan

Anthem (US/UK)

Oh, Shadesia, Our land, be proud of us!

Your people are trusted servant, which will never betray you!

War will never happen again, not even a voice from that evil!

You will, you will never fall, because God guards you! 2x