Kingdom of Alorya

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The Kingdom of Alorya was founded in 2011 by High King Kristoforos I Rakoczi, due to the state of politics and religion in his native Abilene, Texas.

Kingdom of Alorya
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Love, Loyalty, Friendship
Come by Shimshai
Abilene, Texas
Official language(s) English, Esperanto
Official religion(s) Unitarian Universalism
Short name Alorya
Demonym Aloryan
Government Elective monarchy
- High King Kristoforos I Rakozci
Legislature Estates-General
- Type - Tricameral
Established May 5, 2011
Population 6
Currency Aloryan krone
National sport Soccer
National dish Spaghetti
National drink Tea
National animal Griffin
Patron saint St. Joshua Norton